Wednesday, February 18, 2015


"Did you know," inquires my dad in his last letter, "that ice-chipping is much worse than snow-shoveling?  Well, it is.  75 lures later, I still have three weeks to kill before March 1st--my sanity cut-off date.  Pitchers and catchers report coming soon.  Cardinals are singing.  I'll cling to any ray of hope. "  Indeed.  I wasn't minding winter until this past week but now feel like I've gotten the gist--If I were in Boston, I'd say I've more than gotten the gist.  We got hit by our own three-feet-of-snow blizzard here in February 2010, so I empathize--and am ready to move on to spring.  This photo. . .after a mile-and-a-half walk a few days ago. 'Have been in a rotten mood all week, and it's not like me to be in one for this many days.  I blame the wind, the slippery sidewalks, everyday life nonsense in general, phantom wisdom tooth pain--they were removed thirteen years ago, but now and then, the site of one missing tooth starts aching--and lack of enough real walks.  Blehhh!  I echo Mom's postscript-drawing in Dad's letter below. 
My younger brother turns thirty-three today.  It is my father-in-law's birthday too.  And by Saturday, a small package containing chocolate-marshmallow hearts for my niece and my nephew and a copy of this sweet book will reach my niece Alyssa--of bat-and-cat-drawing fame--who turns eight this weekend.  Both my grandmothers, Mike's niece, a great-aunt, and my older brother have all had birthdays this month too, and each circled cake-and-ice-cream date on the calendar is a bright spot in this otherwise dreary month.  And thank God for that. 


Nellie said...

Sending birthday greetings to all the special birthday people! Old Man Winter is certainly making a statement! Stay safe, and keep warm! xo Nellie

Barb Cowles said...

Hi Val,
I love the picture of you on your winter walk. You look so rosy and bright-eyed. How is Stuffed doing?

Anonymous said...

Come on Spring! Hang on, Val. I know how long a hard winter can feel but spring will be there soon.

Maybe you need some more forced bulbs! Yes?

Sending Love and Warmth to you,

Val said...

Nellie, Barb, and Lily: A belated thank you. ♥ And Stuffed is fine, thank you, Barb. 'Currently curled into a ball on the floor by the radiator, looking as cute as all get-out, as always.