Thursday, April 2, 2009

Reading Buddy

I have continued to keep my New Year's resolution of having quiet time for myself before I go to sleep, so the bedtime reading has been one of the sweet spots in my days lately. And Stuffed has been more thrilled than anyone about that.  He not only naps on top of me while I read, he stretches his paws out onto my chest and neck too. If you have never felt the furry softness of a cat's paw leisurely patting your throat, you're missing out. Stuffed is so cuddly and just so dear in these moments--a favorite stuffed animal come-to-life.

While there are other joyful things I could report, this is today's: That at the end of these long and crazy days, thank goodness this cat Mike calls "The Skunk" is there to use me as his bed, giving me the evil eye when I turn the page too loudly and purring contentedly when I scratch behind his ears between chapters.