Sunday, May 4, 2008

You may have a fresh start any moment you choose.... ~ Mary Pickford

I couldn't bear to cut more than the little bunch of white Daffodils for this bouquet. Kent, the white ones are some of yours. :) The yellow ones are silk and part of an Easter present from my mom. They add some cheer to the windowsill, and today I need that cheer. Thank you both.


Just Plain Jane said...

Down moods are hard to struggle through especially when intellectually one knows better than to give in to them, but logic and emotions don't cooperate together. It's always darkest before the dawn, so maybe by your birthday you'll feel more like Tigger than Eeyore. Happy Birthday!

kent said...

Oh my goodness! Happy birthday!! I'm sorry you are grouchy, the job situation sucks for sure. I'm glad the daffodils are giving you some pleasure. Even as they create more clutter.

I catch myself complaining non-stop some days and just have to bite my tongue. I have so much to be thankful for. Of course, being a bubbly little happy camper every day doesn't seem entirely natural either. ; )

I'm supposed to start a round of job hunting this week myself. I always feel like I should hike up my trousers and show off my gams. I can't interview without feeling like I'm a piece of unsavory meat.

I made it back from the Sheep & Wool Festival a rattled man. So many hobby possibilities!

Val said...

Thank you, Jane and Kent. :)

Jane, your Eeyore comment reminded me of something my parents told me when I visited a couple of weeks ago: A local news reporter tried to make a reference to Eeyore during the broadcast but instead said "Eyesore." :) My parents said the reporter's co-anchors were laughing and laughing.

And Kent, I just read you CG post about the festival--It sounds like it was a great time. Keep me updated on the job search.