Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Today's Pre-Christmas-Tree Project: Patchwork Walls

After being bothered year after year by the bare wall behind-and-beside the mantel--and that is always behind our Christmas tree in pictures--I finally figured out what I wanted to do with itpatchwork, of course--and set to work.  
I went back and forth about it for awhile this morning but decided just to use dabs of hot glue to hang the fabric pieces since I've already told the apartment's building manager I'll fix up the walls with a fresh coat of paint whenever the day comes to move out.  If I have to spackle/patch a few more spots before repainting, I'll live.  Scrap by scrap this morning, then, the narrow strip to at least one side of the mantel was transformed.  The rest will have to wait until tomorrow, but ooh la la, even this much just SENDS me.  :)
Below is what it looked like pre-Christmas tree last year. 
The green floral wall is only about three feet wide, and the formerly-bare one a little over two feet.  After Christmas, this tiny corner will become my writing corner.  I've already chosen a (black) corner-desk, since the two desks I've inherited from grandparents are both still at my parents' house and neither would fit into this little apartment anyway, and I have a few other things tucked away in the bedroom closet to add to my writing spot once it's all set up.  Before that, though, it'll be the corner for the tree. 
By tomorrow. . . !
And between this and the patchwork lampshade I dolled-up in September, I'll have used almost my entire stash of saved fabric pieces, which is a most satisfying little accomplishment.  It annoys me to have bags of things like that sitting around or squirreled away, especially in such a small home.  Stuffed approves. 
Ah, home! 
Love, love, love!  And soon, there will be a Christmas tree and twinkling lights in this picture--All the better. 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Making My Day

Mike is out of town visiting family and sent this picture to me today from his parents' home while I was at work.  Ha!  They're everywhere, these crazy hearts. Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating today, and a good day to you all. 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday Morning

I do find the best graffiti. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Pantsuits, Perfect Weather, and Patriotic Fudge: Election Day 2016

As I've said before, I love Election Day.  I'm happy to see everyone out and about and in the often-long lines at the polling places, no matter to whom their votes are going.  I myself was in line at seven this morning, and forty-five minutes later was walking home in the most gorgeous November weather wearing my "I voted" sticker. 
'More than a few "pantsuits for Hillary" at the two polling places I observed today, and there were likely as many Donald Trump supporters beside them.  Peace to us all.    I love this day.  I love that people care enough to take the time, period. 
I made up plates of Grandma's fudge to take to the volunteers at the two polling places nearest me.  My original plan had included taking fudge to both Hillary Clinton's and Donald Trump's campaign headquarters, as well--♪ What the world needs now is love, sweet love ♫--but when I walked a plate of fudge over to Clinton's listed headquarters, the office/storefront was already boarded-up and padlocked--I thought it would still be active at its stated address at least through tonight--and Trump's headquarters were in two suburbs of the city too far for me to get to this evening.  My good wishes and respect to us all, then, but Grandma's fudge ended up going only to the volunteers.  :) 
'Poll-watching the rest of the night here for me, and tomorrow, my second run since mid-August.  I'm finally healthy again--thank you --and happy to enjoy what's left of this beautiful autumn.  It is a day of hope here, to be sure. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

To and From Work ~ So Goes October

A cough lingers, I'm still a bit stuffed-up, and I feel worn out from two weeks of this.  This oh-so-eagerly-anticipated autumn has, officially, started without me.  And my cold has coincided with what has felt like a thousand overtime shifts at work I can't get out of, so it is already a wearying fall.  All that said, I still feel worlds better than I did even a few days ago.  And I found these three hearts along my walks to and from work yesterday and today. 
Ah, love!  Here's to a brighter mid-October and a healthier November (for me, for us all, and for this county, for that matter).

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Sick-Day Chair-Stealer

The cold continues, but the cat is cute. 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Last Heart of September

It's been a soup and tea-filled weekend as my first cold in many months rages on.  'A couple more days before I'm scheduled to return to work, though, and here's hoping the extra rest does the trick.  It's finally fall, my favorite season, and that finds me happy, cold and all. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Lampshade Love

Finally, the lampshade is finished and tucked back into its little corner.  I feel like I've been covered in loose threads and bits of hardened hot glue for a month although it's only been a week.  It turned out exactly as I'd envisioned it, which is always so gratifying.  
I couldn't find the lavender plaid fabric I thought I'd saved, but the touch of pink floral suits me better anyway and its crocheted trim at the top complements the ball trim along the bottom.  
I like the way the shade looks in every light--
--and I love all its many colors and patterns.  Love, love, love. 
This makes me so happy.  :)
And it makes reading in bed that much more of a favorite thing. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Lampshade Yesterday and Today

The lamp should be finished sometime tomorrow, I'm thinking.  'Two more tiers of ruffles at the top, and then back into place on the lamp-base it goes.  I have a piece of lavender/white plaid left from an old dress that I'm planning for the next ring, and at the very top, a Kelly green gingham.  

I realized the other day that I wanted a jolt of yellow on the shade and decided just to Sharpie-marker a section of green floral fabric. 
It worked and turned out almost chartreuse, a definite jolt of color on an already-colorful shade.  I have long loved pink roses against yellow backgrounds, so this has turned out to be my favorite tier so far. 
To tie that pop of yellow in with the rest of the lampshade, I dyed my white pom pom/ball trim gold by soaking it in Turmeric water for a minute.   
A minute in the spice-bath was long enough to do the trick, and I let the trim dry while I attached more ruffles.
Ah, ball trim!  It makes me happy.  
'So dear. 
'Two tiers left to go, then, which is grand since all the fabric-pleating and hot-gluing have reached the stage of feeling quite tedious.  Once it's done, it's done, though, and this has already become one of my favorite re-dos and favorite items in the apartment.   
Tomorrow!  A finished reading lamp! 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Thursday's Project

What I thought was going to be a fast-moving task yesterday turned into an all-evening project I'm now aiming to finish this Sunday.  The button-covered lampshade I'd loved for so long--
 --has annoyed me lately every time I've looked at it, and before I'd even realized that yesterday was Lampshade Re-Do Day, I found myself pulling it up from its base and peeling off the first of what soon seemed like five hundred buttons. 
All but the top ring of buttons is gone.  The bottom four tiers of ruffled fabric pieces are almost all in place now.  Pink roses fabric, green gingham fabric, and I-don't-know-yet-what-other fabric will make the top few ruffles.  And maybe ball-trim around the bottom.  Ideally, by Sunday night, a finished lampshade will again be atop the base of my reading lamp, the layers of fabric softening the light more than buttons-on-white-canvas ever could and the rainbow of colors and patterns cozy-ing-up its corner of my bedroom. 
Ah!  Anything patchwork-ish!