Sunday, March 9, 2008

I never had any other desire so strong, and so like covetousness, as that...I might be master at last of a small house and a large garden. ~ A. Crowley

We had a day of near-70-degree weather this past week and now another couple inches of snow is on the ground. I am more than ready for spring. Especially because I had to leave my sweet little garden behind when I moved last fall, I am eager to see vivid colors outside again. Today is blindingly bright here, which is a wonderful change of pace, with the sunshine making all the snow sparkle, and I'll bundle up this afternoon in the many winter layers I am so tired of wearing and go for a long walk, but I am longing to see my beloved Daffodils sprouting up in yards all over town, to notice Forsythias and countless trees when they first start to turn their spring yellow-green, to smell heavenly Lilac bushes again, to watch Roses' blooms uncoil, and to feel cool grass under my bare feet again. I had a crying jag Thursday afternoon after spotting bulbs' shoots sprouting up in a neighbor's backyard on my walk home from work. I wanted so badly to be living in her tiny little house--one of the only tiny houses in the neighborhood, as all the rest are 3-or-more-floor Victorians converted into apartments--and making plans for that little yard. I wanted her soon-blooming flowers and her trees and her small back porch and her lawn chair and her bird houses. . . . I am happy here and Life is good in so many ways, but I miss my garden and I ache for the dream home I have wanted for so long.

My mom sent me a little "fun money" tucked into a letter yesterday and I will use a bit of it today to treat myself to a flower and a gardening magazine. And between chores today, I will daydream about my little pink and white cottage garden that I miss so much, and I will work on my visions for my next one--even if "bloom[ing] where [I'm] planted" in this case finds me beautifying my fire escape.


Marilyn said...


I think you have spring fever. The only known cure is to dig and plant!

Until the weather warms up for you, you can assemble your pots, potting soil, trellises, plant tags etc. in preparation. Do you have all your seeds purchased?

I used to do these things when I lived in the northeast, and it seemed to ease the pain a bit. :-)

Another thing I used to do is buy brand new flowery garden gloves! I still do that actually. It seems to herald the start of spring for me.

Val said...

Hi, Marilyn. Well, I only have a couple feet of space--our fire escape is just big enough for standing-space for one person, basically--so I don't have much to prepare. I've bought Morning Glory seeds, and later on, I'll buy an actual tomato plant that's supposed to be good for container gardens, and I'll probably try to squeeze one more potted plant in there. There's hardly even room for two plants, but we'll see. Spring fever, indeed! :)

Rose said...

Val, I sooo remember your beautiful pink garden. It was lovely and I understand the feelings of missing a garden well loved. I say add some trellis' to your fire escape railings and go vertical! Think of the number of baskets, filled with pots, that you could wire to it. When there's a will there's a way. Wishing you warm spring breezes.

Val said...

Thank you, Rose. :)