Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Cake and Cookies (Edible Flowers Love)

That this cake ended up looking exactly as I'd envisioned was one of the sweet things about a wonderful weekend with my family.  It was a simple two-layer yellow cake--gluten-free so Mom could enjoy it, of course--but the filling and frosting marked my first desserts made with either ricotta cheese or edible flowers.  Now I want to sprinkle flower petals over everything I bake.  :)
I played around with a recipe I'd found online until all my own frosting/filling had in common with the original recipe was the 16 ounces of ricotta. My own, then:  16 ounces ricotta cheese, 8 ounces cream cheese, 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream, a generous splash of vanilla--you may remember how I love my vanilla--a pinch of salt, a pinch of cream of tartar, about a tablespoon of honey, enough powdered sugar to help thicken it all (maybe a cup here), and a few diced strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and edible flowers to add some texture, color, and flavor. 
I pressed a few extra petals and berry slices into the sides of the visible filling-layer to add extra color there, as well.  The frosting had set nicely before I'd even refrigerated it--no berries or flowers puddling around the cake.  I added some petals to a few sugar cookies for Mom too, but the cake thrilled me more.  
And everyone raved about it--even Dad who isn't much of a cake person and Mom who actually prefers cookies and pies--which was so satisfying, of course.  The cheese/cream mixture gave this cake a more sophisticated flavor than my cakes usually have, and between that and the edible flowers, it was nice to branch out a bit with this one.  A sweet end to a sweet Mother's Day and weekend.  I miss everyone already but get to go home again next month, which does my heart good. 


Lisa said...

What a picture that makes. Ricotta And cream cheese? Wow. It's very beautiful, Val.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a pretty cake and the frosting sounds yummy!

Have a wonderful week dear Val ~ FlowerLady

La Table De Nana said...

I love edible flowers too:) In the past..when I have served to guests..some have said? Am I supposed o eat this?
May all your cakes be sprinkled with flowers!

racheld said...

Absolutely lovely---what a charming idea! I so love a naked-side cake, so you can see what they're made of and how they're feeling about things.

Here I am, mainly to tell you that I've spent night onto an hour reading you list of what i call "Fulsome Things"---things you love or like or have any kind of sweet/soft spot for. I've been nodding in easy or enthusiastic agreement with every one, and leaning closer for the ideas and the colours, and so now I have a growing crick in my neck and these 1.75 Dollar Store glasses have given me a headache.

Southern accent, ditto. Playing with children and being kind to folks, ditto, as are reading and Christopher Walken and old movies and the feel of a long-ago Grandparent's hugs and the taste of warm cobbler. All those thousand things, and no disagrees, just a few haven't-done-that-yet, or haven't-been-to-that-place. I have lists like that, all over my blog---just throwing out thoughts and likes and memories with a lavish hand, but this---this is all the colours that there are, and all the words you'd ever need.

All alone in the house---a seldom thing, with one at work and another at a dental appointment, and just the shuuush of the ice machine and all these lovely lights and yesterday's pink roses to surround. What a lovely interlude! I don't know how I've missed this delightful, colourful (literal and metaphorical) list of such grand and glorious blessings. So manymany in common, and somehow, even before I saw her name, I was thinking, "This is like strolling through Susan Branch's dreams."

Thank you for this charming, deep-reaching gift. I'll save the rest to savor later.

Must get the day in hand, somehow, with the remembering of yesterday's lovely times, and then this all to myself, undisturbed and presented whole and round, like an apple on a palm. Perfect.


racheld said...

PS 1.75 is the strength of the reading glasses, not the price, which were $1.50 a pair at going-out-of-business sale (so I sifted through the basket of my number and bought all the interesting ones, mostly with rhinestones in the corners)---twenty pairs. (and sometimes I still have to hunt for one).

Marie Rayner said...

How very beautiful. Well done Val. It looks delicious as well! xoxo

Val said...

Thank you all so much. :) I wish we could have a virtual party here that would let me share real cake with you. ♥

Monique, yes, I thought that would be the response to the flower petals too, but I didn't hear it from anyone--"even the guys." :)

And Rachel, ♥ thank you for such a dear comment. I need to update that list a bit--there's always a new love to add to it, of course--but I like to reread it sometimes too. :) Thank you for everything. Your day yesterday sounded lovely, as well. And Christopher Walken! YES! :) ♥

Thank you all. ♥