Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Girly Wedding Hair, Shoes, and Outfit Write-Up :)

Friday--Wedding Day!--morning, Mike walked down to pick up the rental car for our trip while I stayed here to get ready and dressed. Hair and makeup were easy--my hair's naturally curly, so I just pulled it up and added the braid so it would look more special than usual (and because my mom used to do my hair like this with the big braid on top, when I was a little kid, so this was a small way of sharing the moment with her ), and I always keep my makeup simple enough--but I just prayed I wouldn't get a run in my tights while pulling them on. I only had one pair of the cream tights, so I was hoping that I wouldn't tear them while buckling my shoes and that Stuffed wouldn't pull out his claws around me. The contingency plan in the event of a run was just to stop by the drugstore and pick up a pair of regular pantyhose, but I'd have been telling the cashier my sob story if I'd had to do that, silly though that is. No getting-ready mishaps, though. Cream tights (that look white in all the photos) and black T-strap shoes, it was, just as I'd wanted. :)
Stuffed even let me scoop him up for a picture after I'd finished getting dressed, and no tights or skin were scratched in the process. :)
And the hour I spent getting ready, maintenance workers were outside our apartment mowing the lawn for the first time this season, so the scent of freshly-mowed grass will likely always remind me of the morning of my wedding day now. :)
My green wedding dress was actually a vintage "baby doll" nighty, but I knew when I saw it that it would work as a dress, since it seemed to match my jacket's color exactly and had the lace down the front, as well, making it look a bit fancier than your average nightgown. I had found the vintage green jacket on etsy in January and had to have a local seamstress make alterations--it was too small in the arms and shoulders--but when she finished it and it finally fit perfectly, I emailed my friend Marylou right away to tell her and added, "The wedding feels real now that I have something to wear!" :) I had fallen in love with this funky old jacket with its adorable huge embroidered collar as soon as I saw it, so to see myself in it finally and to see that it did, indeed, match the nighty-dress was a sweet moment.
As I told Marylou the week before the wedding, I never went to Prom or any school dances, so I never did the "dress-up thing," so piecing together this crazy green "everything-I'm-wearing-is-vintage-except-my-underthings" outfit was just great fun. I'd written in 2008 about my "dream" wedding gown and swore I'd never wear anything else when I married, and that wedding gown is actually in my parents' house right now--I found it after almost 20 years of searching for it, on eBay in 2009--but somehow, this green outfit was more "me," and now I can't imagine having gotten married wearing anything else. And I knew even before I finished getting ready and dressed Friday that I'd never felt as beautiful as I did that day. :)
Mike had left around 9:30 a.m. to pick up the car and returned an hour later to find me finishing the packing and dolled-up in my wedding outfit. When he saw me--smiling giddily, as I couldn't stop--in my wedding outfit for the first time, he laughed and called me "[his] little green gum ball of joy." :)
People have always told me that I wear my heart on my sleeve, but Friday, I felt like my heart really was just glowing around me for everyone to see--I just felt beautiful and happy and full of love and good thoughts. I spent the day alternately praying for people I love and thanking God and giggling and hugging Mike and then, later on, spreading the good news of our surprise-wedding, and truly, I just felt like I was glowing from it all. Hair, shoes, and makeup only go so far: I was just happy and thankful and full of love Friday. There was a quote in Country Living magazine recently from memoir writer Frances Mayes: "Happiness? The color of it must be spring green." When I read that, I clipped it out and added it to one of my scrapbooks, and it will soon reappear in our wedding album--right beside Mike's memorable "green gum ball" compliment, of course. :)
I spent some of last Thursday pinning something inside the front of the dress to honor one of my loved ones, sewing a ring that had belonged to my best friend, Sommer, into the front of my jacket, and creating a jacket pocket that I filled with photos of other loved ones I wanted to honor similarly and who had somehow inspired me and/or helped me reach my wedding day. i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart). . . .And that was my wedding outfit, shoes, and braided-like-Mom-used-to-do-it hair: Love and prayers and gratitude. Hope for new beginnings. And green gum balls of joy.  


FlowerLady said...

Beautiful, beautiful 'green gum ball of joy'. You are so radiant and I just loved this post, so filled with love, joy of life and joy for the occasion. It brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my lips.

Love and hugs to both of you and Scratch.


Songbird said...

You look darling and joyful. I'm glad it was such a wonderful day!

Cindy said...


Oh girl you look radiant.This is how a bride's face should look...excited for her new life..happy she is THE BRIDE...LOving how she looks...and sooooo in love with her man!!!

I am so happy for you two. I eloped 35 years ago this June. I was pregnant and 6 hrs from home..we had it all planned with best friends and me with some daisies.My white dress was a dress that my favorite cousin had bought for me a few weeks before to go to his prom with him.Now it was being used as my wedding dress..lol We have been married for almost 35 years..I tell people it is what is in the heart..not how much a wedding cost that makes you stay together.
I know you are headed down the right path..I see it in your face.

Hugs to you my new married friend.
Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Val said...

Thank you, FlowerLady, Martha, and Cindy! :)

Rev. Jim said...

Thanks for sharing your special day!
Laura Ingalls Wilder said, "Let us make memories carefully of all good things, rejoicing in the wonderful truth that while we are laying up for ourselves the very sweetest and best of happy memories, we are at the same time giving them to others."
May you have many sweet memories together!

Val said...

Oh, Jim, count on you to find a Laura Ingalls Wilder quote I don't remember having seen before. And I love it and will be stealing it for somewhere on my blog. :) Thank you for the good wishes!

Lisa said...

I saw the Frances Mayes quote - green is certainly my favorite color! And, my mother once bought me a nice nightgown to wear in a concert I was in - the school chorus - nobody ever knew!

You look beautiful! And how nice to pray for others in your happiness. I read somewhere that Jewish brides will do that while getting dressed for their wedding - such a beautiful idea.

Val said...

Lisa, how interesting about the Jewish bridal custom. I'd never heard about that. What a neat tradition. :)

And I figured either you or Kathryn would be the one to say "I saw that quote in the magazine too!" :) How funny. :)

Thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, Congratulations to you both. I love it when people plan their weddings around what they want. It always makes a more joyous and unique occasion. You look so beautiful and happy and the idea of the vintage nightdress is perfect and I love any t-bar shoes. Thank you for visiting me at Tale Peddler. It's always lovely to meet through the blogs. xx

Val said...

Thank you, Josephine, for such a kind message. (And a hearty "Yes!" about T-strap shoes.) :)