More About Me:

I turned 42 in May 2019 

I work with kiddos and their families.    

I was the one at your slumber party who wanted to read all your books and didn't mind your parents' presence.  :)   

I have kept diaries and journals since I was eight years old.   

I had a 1980s childhood and loved it.   

I like making cards and drawings and gifts and care packages for the people I love, and I love the entire process of getting mail out to my loved ones:  Choosing stationery/cards, illustrating my letters, choosing the gift wrap or tissue for packages, clipping out magazine articles or recipes to enclose in their letters, etc.   ♥

I think a full belly and a good night's sleep cure all kinds of ills.   

For years, I have had detailed sketches drawn of my dream home.   

I want a dog.  An Old English Sheepdog, specifically. 

Kindness  impresses me more than just about anything else.   

*     *     *     *     *

...running    walking    cooking   baking    reading    gardening  ♥  puttering around the house  drawing 

letter-writing/keeping in touch    drawing    violin music    movies    Anne Tyler's writing    chocolate milk 


Puccini's "O Mio Babbino Caro"    fits of giggles    people with great laughs (see:  Julia Roberts, my uncle Warren)    kids' handwriting/printing    stickers    snow    autumn    sleeping cats    Actor Jack ("The Tin Man") Haley's beautiful eyes    Boston, Massachusetts    gingham  ♥   staying in motels and hotels

rick rack    dotted Swiss  ♥  pie    "The West Wing"  ♥  buttercream frosting    tuna salad    biographies, autobiographies, travel writings, and memoirs    the Encyclopedia Brown mystery series    baked potatoes    

garden tomatoes    dill pickles    threadbare stuffed animals  ♥  Cary Grant's humor    fireplaces    stained glass    Swedish and Nordic decorating    chubby baby legs and baby "hand/knuckle dimples"    great quotes    Roger Ebert    Mary Lou Retton  ♥   

Kurt Browning    figure skaters' Jessica Dube and Bryce Davison's "The Way We Were"/Love Story routine    home-canned goods    the smell of cool basements    long walks    the stationery/school supply aisle    Sharon Olds' poetry    orange and kelly green and aqua    round tables    Burt Reynolds   


Bobby Kennedy    sun tea and iced tea    sarcasm    kindness    open-mindedness    old peoples' hands  ♥  Ocean City, Maryland    "Calvin and Hobbes"     Mary Jane shoes and ballerina flats    Tom Petty    french fries with salt and vinegar, not ketchup    four-leaf clovers     

my mom's apple cobbler    walking sticks    seeing old men dressed like my grandfather used to    Washington Square Park    braided hair    good old-fashioned manners    

when bus drivers wait for people who are running to catch the bus     Eleanor Roosevelt    having a postage stamp when I need one  ♥  the public library    my old elementary school 

  "The Waltons"    Thanksgiving    Christmas Eve     Christmas morning when I was a kid    the final dance scene in Dirty Dancing    

the dinner scene in the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special    Susan Branch's illustrations    Alice in Wonderland  ♥  Jude's voice    the Cure    good impersonations    the way the day seems to glitter in the sunshine in early morning     

spinach and feta omelets    green beans fresh from the garden    picking strawberries    rabbits and bunnies    my cat asleep with his paw over his eyes    Mick Jagger's strut  ♥  80s' sitcom theme songs    Alan Alda    Christopher Walken    pretty eyes  ♥   

the smell of crayons    stacks of old magazines to look through/cut up    the old Bert and Ernie skits from "Sesame Street"    good waiters and waitresses  ♥ 
people who are nice to their waiters and waitresses 
  listening to kids as they tell you what their drawings are of/about    art deco illustrations     

people who sing aloud without being self-conscious about it  ♥  watching good dancers dance    mosaics    leaded glass windows    the character of Melanie in Gone with the Wind  ♥  "gentle giant" guys    looking at peoples' family photos    

rainy days and nights    frogs and toads  ♥  birds    strawberry jam    veggies and dip  ♥  the way gardens look right after it rains    the first few magical days of the Blizzard of 2010    fall leaves    leaf projects in school    book orders in elementary school    rereading books I loved as a kid     

seeing my brothers with their children    Laura Ingalls Wilder's life and home in Mansfield, Missouri    the Ozarks    how my grandfather would always talk with anyone and everyone--so a quick trip "into town" to go to the grocery store would take an hour      

good hugs     

old Holly Hobbie illustrations  ♥  old quilts and braided rugs    dreams of lost loved ones    hooked rugs    salad bars    unpretentious people    back porches  ♥  Southern accents    t-shirts that are worn in and paper-thin    

visits with family and friends  ♥  how people all seem to fall asleep and wake up at the same time as each other on long bus trips    painted furniture    Daffodils  ♥  Foxgloves    Hollyhocks  ♥  white Poppies    Ranunculus    Daisies    Queen Ann's Lace    Pussywillows    Willow Trees    Weeping Cherry Trees    Crabapple trees     


  the memory of the feeling of my grandmother's cheek and of my grandfather's hand on top of my head    playing Scrabble    people getting back in touch with each other    watching people who are good with kids    Sam Malone on "Cheers"    not giving up    impromptu picnics     

Petunias  ♥  cemeteries    sweatshirts worn inside-out    candlelight  coconut-scented sunscreen    Daniel Day-Lewis  ♥  grape popsicles    wine cellars  ♥  choirs    soccer players    the "Undo" button    laughing til I'm crying    family vacations when I was a kid    ants (when they're outside)  ♥   

male lions    Old English Sheepdogs    groundhogs    Beagles    wombats    Chow dogs    sheath dresses with matching coats    T-strap shoes  ♥  men in hats    colored tights    fluffy-skirted 50s chiffon party gowns    80s ringer shirts    extra long scarves and elbow-length gloves    buttered toast    people who make an effort to change what they don't like about themselves   


dilapidated-looking little houses    single-story houses  ♥  houseplants  ♥  homes that look lived in    bath tubs    old-fashioned stoves/ovens    brick and wood floors  ♥  the smell of new running shoes    hosting dinners and get-togethers    reading cookbooks (especially holiday ones)  ♥   

Boston Brown Bread    bird nests    encyclopedias and dictionaries    quiet nights at home    memoirs (especially of travel)  ♥  the moon  ♥  spider webs    blue Morning Glories and their heart-shaped leaves    Lilac bushes    Valentine's Day    good teachers    people who can laugh at themselves     

heavy crocheted afghans    bravery    thrift shops    potato salad  ♥  corduroy    the way it smells after a good rain    shutters and window boxes  ♥  the moment when you finally feel the medicine kicking in    potato chips with onion dip    patchwork    black and white portraits     


caricatures    imagination    photo booth pictures    cherry ChapStick    baby lotion and baby powder    the smells of freshly-mowed grass and of just-washed-and-dried laundry    hanging clothes outside to dry     

vegetable gardens    aprons (especially with gingham and rick rack)    chicken scratch embroidery and smocking    that quote about trying to be the kind of person your dog thinks you are  ♥  colored glass (especially green)    deep window sills    high floorboards  ♥  restaurant booths     

carrot cake    Kit Kat bars    almonds    my dad's handwriting    the lazy summery drone of a baseball game on TV at night    the "Marriage of Carl and Ellie" sequence in the movie Up    stories of sisters     rooms with two or more single beds along one wall    girls in pig tails    good bread    real butter  ♥  starting a new journal    time to myself    

holidays    the scene in "Seinfeld" where Elaine describes sharing a cab with John F. Kennedy Jr.    turkey sandwiches    bold colors     granny squares    people who make me laugh    silhouettes    people who really know how to make other people feel welcome    paper-cutting art    gray cats    orange cats  animal rescue    pickup trucks     

kickball  ♥  my grandparents' entire yard    white ball trim     a pink sunrise    going barefoot    tube socks  ♥  calico    after-death communication  ♥  Harry Potter's Professor Snape    my grandma's bread and meatballs    Ellen DeGeneres's bit about walking into a glass door     

Dick van Dyke    Andy Williams' voice    the Monkees    orange baby aspirin  ♥  Robert Redford's character in Barefoot in the Park    cute sneakers    guys in their white undershirts     

rounded/arched doorways    Gothic arched windows    just about everything in a Delia's clothing catalog    embroidery    heavy china    the taste and smell of ripe peaches    that soapy fresh-from-the-shower smell    the Cookie Monster "Siri" commercials    curling up in a chair to read    

reading in bed    Holly leaves and berries    Pachelbel's Canon    thank you notes    pink light bulbs  ♥  blue Hydrangeas    chocolate milkshakes    Lance Henriksen's work on "Millennium"    comedian Mitch Hedberg    


black Bic clear-barrel ink pens    "Barney Miller"    Judd Hirsch  huge smiles (see:  Geena Davis and Mary Lou Retton)    ballet    flapper-style bobs and hairdos    white paper doilies    rock walls    handmade Valentines    the smell of butter, sugar, and vanilla mixed together    the smell of apples and cinnamon together    rain barrels    "Twin Peaks"     

Lindsey Buckingham    chickadees    1960s Motown music (and the old-style synchronized dance choreography)    the words "pumpkin," "luscious," and "voluptuous"    freckles    ferns  ♥  Christmas wrapping paper    sundresses  doll house miniatures    bandannas    eye-rolling    sleeping lofts    snowflakes    a good attitude    a good listener     

colorful rooms    porch gliders   
Gustavian-style clocks  ♥  the smell of Goldenrod  ♥  Christmas/string lights   
side porches    Birch bark    Hoosier cabinets/hutches    flannel shirts    brown leather jackets    

paint chips    toy kitchens    babies and toddlers in snowsuits    bees and beekeeping    Michael Keaton    the circa-1957 aqua blue/white Ford Fairlane     overalls    instant-dry nail polish    rhubarb fresh from the garden     lemon meringue pie    Jeff Bridges    Ice Castles  (1970s version)    the Cure's song "Halo"   survival stories   

the smell of window screens in the summer   
vintage handmade potholders  ♥  butler pantries 

a dry sense of humor    suspenders    Craig Ferguson    Kiefer Sutherland  ♥  music from the 1960s and 1980s    the look of rainy pavement under streetlights    mourning doves' call  ♥  Rowlf  the Muppet    my 1970s-edition Childcraft books    Don Quixote    reading aloud to children    pink roses    tacos    and probably a few more things  :) 


Spring said...

i like your blog....i added myself..i will folloew you..if you would like to add my blogs too it will be nice....all the best from greece...

kai 2).

Val said...

Thank you, Spring. That's kind of you. :) I will look at your blogs soon. Best Wishes, :) Val

Kim said...

Hi! I stumbled upon your blog and I adore your "about me" page :) You have a really sweet blog- I hope you don't mind me following along also. It's nice to meet you-my name is Kim :)

Val said...

Hi, Kim. :) 'Happy to meet you and flattered that you're following along. :) Thank you so much for the kind words. They have brightened my day, and I needed that. :)

Christie said...

You are such a darling! And that you found me on my most favorite place to visit...susans blog!
Have a wonderful day, and thank you for following...thrills my heart!!

Val said...

Thank you, Christie. Blessings back to you. :)

Karen P. said...

Hi Val! "Methinks" had me from your comment on Susan Branch's blog so I had to check out your link! So precious you are! I have to take some time later to look over your whole website but right now I'm LOVING your list of things you love! So cute! You're a doll!

Val said...

Goodness, Karen, thank you!! What a sweet comment! 'Happy to meet you too. And this page was fun to put together, although I'm sure I'm forgetting so many things. :)

daiseedeb said...

Hello Val.
Thank you for your comment on my blog! You are a sweetie pie. I truly love your perspective on life, it is very similar to mine. How rare to find someone filled with so much love and optimism.
So may things in common...shyness and trying to over come it to my kitty Cally and the new collar and name tag I bought her! I'll try to post a picture of this on my blog. ; )
And, we use smiley faces. (tee hee)
But, I am much older than you, I suspect. ; )
Looking forward to reading more of your entries.
Take care, sweetie! d

Val said...

Thank YOU, Deb. :)

Valerie said...

I love your about me page! We have lots in common including our first name! ;) So glad you visited my blog and commented - I'll be follwing in Google Reader! :)

Val said...

Thank you, Valerie. :) I just emailed you the other day. I think you're the first Valerie I've met while blogging. :) Thank you for following along. ♥

Anonymous said...

If you will be 40 in 2017 you are the same age of our only child..She is like you for sure, she gives people handmade cards and lovely books for their babies and sweet blankys she makes..She is a renisance woman..She is kind and loving and would never be crude and rude, she prefers to take transportation in NYC to ever getting a car or driving although she can..She is adorable & babies and toddlers adore her she knows they are little angels on this earth with souls of angels and sweet and vulnerable..She goes gaga over them and older people toooo, she knows some are forgotten and sweet and hunger for a human hug, touch and smooch, she is just about plum perfect in our book her mom and dad..I love your blog you are fearless and kind and loving and so creative, lucky is the person who knows and is cared for from you..Happy Lunar new year Miss Snake and enjoy the coming days without snow, ice and crappy weather! Peace, joy and love!

Anonymous said...

I meant to say Lucky is the person who is your friend...Yes indeed, cards in my opinion and all that it entails is a lost art..I send them all the time, my only makes them and is a fierce friend when travalities fall upon them, she is courageous and kind a scorpio who is brave and fearless..Whoa to people who try to trample on anyone she loves and cares about, the wrath of Khan is lurking there, her daddy is a scorpio too and she looks just like him in stature and blonde oh my goodness sakes and azure blue eyes..She is like you sentimental and kind and loving..May this year be a bright and loving place for you full of love peace and joy..You make my day by your blog..ciao!

Val said...

My goodness, Anonymous, I feel like I should print your kind words and keep them in a frame on my desk to cheer me. :) Thank you so much. You've made my day too. Happy new year back at you. :) ♥

LindaLee said...

Hi Val! I just happened to see your blog and I love you, young lady. You're like a breath of fresh air. A total delight. I too would like to follow you. Is there somewhere on your page where I can become a follower or I can at least leave my email address, so I won't miss any of your future postings.....My email address is Have a blessed week.

Val said...

Hi, Linda--

How sweet you are. :) I'll email you tonight.

~ Val ♥