Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Spring in My Parents' Yard

One of the joys of my last visit home two weeks ago was getting to see spring starting in my parents' yard.  My last evening there found me taking a break from watching Jurassic Park with Mom--actor Jeff Goldblum is one of our shared crushes--to try to take a few photos while it was still light out.  
Dad always shakes his head when he sees me admiring Dandelions, but I think they're beautiful. 
I keep arguing that he should think of Dandelions not as weeds but instead as a gift--free flowers!  and so many of them!--especially since we've enjoyed their greens in salads and he, at least, has liked dandelion wine, as well, but so far, we agree to disagree. 
The wind picked up while I was outside, but the rain held off until early morning.  The sound of rain falling against the roof of my parents' deck is one of my favorite sounds and something I miss from my four years living at that house with them. 
Ah, to see color outside again! 
Computer issues prevented me from writing again, post-visit, until now, and it has been interesting to me to feel myself missing this little space I carved out here back in January 2007 that I continue to use to share things I find beautiful and funny and wise and true and sweet. 
I still think it is worth it to make even such a small effort to share with others both life's "pretties" and its "pretty roughs."  I began this blog that winter as I emerged from a long period of depression, and I believe that even my coming up with its title was a bit of defiance that helped me focus and figure out how to stay strong and move forward. 
Exactly eight years ago today, it turns out--I posted this.  
The two weeks away from the blog this month clarified for me that maybe even more than the stories and the photos of the beautiful and the worthwhile that I share here, I love the determination to appreciate the beautiful and the worthwhile in the first place.  A sweet realization this spring. 


La Table De Nana said...

I agree dear Val.
A blog is choses to have one for his or her own reasons..
Keeping it up is the desire to keeping keep going.
We never know what is around the corner.

Marie Rayner said...

I was so happy to see a post from you Val! I had been wondering where you were. I have enjoyed seeing the photos of your parent's garden. You make it sound so much like a loving home. I loved in particular reading about the sound of the raindrops falling on the roof of the veranda. I agree with all of your thoughts on blogs. I began mine so that I could put my thoughts down for my children. It ended up they were not the least bit interested in anything I had to say, but a whole bunch of other people were. I have only ever met nice people on here and they have helped to life my spirits from time to time as much as I hope I have helped to lift theirs. It is a labor of love which works both ways. Love you! xoxoxoxo

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a lovely post Val, in photos from your folks place and in your thoughts.

Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

Anonymous said...

Hi Val,

The flowers from your parents back yard are so sweet. I wish you and I could take a stroll through my garden. Not that it is "all that" but I think that you would find much to enjoy there and we could laugh and tell stories! That would be followed by Tea! : ) Oh - and there are plenty of Dandelions to admire! : P

Thanks for writing your blog... it helps me enjoy my day more.

Bless you.

Lily - practically Queen of Dandelions! lol

Lisa said...

Love your flower photos, Val - even the dandelions. :) They are very pretty, I think.
Jeff Goldblum - remember "Tenspeed and Brownshoe"? That show was awfully cute, I thought.

Jenny Pesavento said...

8 years for your blog-congratulations val :) thank you for sharing your journey and reminding us to see and appreciate the "pretty" which does help in getting thru the "rough patches" your pictures of the "dandy-lions" are spectacular (i love them too) my mom always made a batch of them in the spring and had us drink sassafrass tea! great memories-see, that's part of what following someone's blog can do....spark good memories :) thanks, jenny

Barb Cowles said...

Hi Val, So glad to see your post today. I have missed you. Beautiful pictures. Thank you. Barb

Val said...

Thank you all!

Monique, "Keeping it up is the desire to keeping keep going." That's exactly it.

Marie, I agree with all this. And you never know, your grandkids or great-greats or who-knows-who-else may find your blog and TREASURE it in time.

Lorraine, thank you.

Lily, or Queen of the Dandelions :), I would love to visit with you. I so wish you had a blog--I'd love to learn more about you. :)

Lisa, thank you, and I consider myself such a queen of 80s trivia but had never even heard of that show until you mentioned it. Maybe if I saw some of it, it would come back to me.

Jenny, thank you. ♥ The memory-jogging is one of the things I love about others' blogs too, yes. Thank you for the kind words. :)

Barb, thank you. I missed checking in with all of you too.