Tuesday, November 25, 2014

On the Fridge

My almost-eight-year-old niece is going through a butterfly-drawing phase.  Before butterflies, it was cats--each one neatly labeled "HELLO KITTY."
And before the cats were the adorable bats with their crazed pin-prick eyes. 
Insects and mammals all share the same smile in Alyssa's world, and her drawings of them never fail to make me laugh.  The butterfly drawing now on the fridge is sweet, and the one she presented to my St. Louis Cardinals-fan younger brother the last time I was home is also a keeper.  "I love you!  To:  Uncle Brian, Love:  Alyssa," it reads.  And directly underneath the heart-shaped butterfly and pleasant greeting, in our pistol of a niece's careful printing:  "P.S.  The Cardinals stink."  Ha!   


Lisa said...

So cute! I suppose you are feeling better? I hope so. :)

Nellie said...

How special to have refrigerator art from your niece! Very cute! Hope you are feeling improved! xo

Val said...

Thank you both. I love children's art, it's precious.

I'm pretty stuffed-up tonight, but my throat isn't sore anymore and I'm not couching as much now. I work tomorrow so am hoping for a good night's sleep. Thank you both. :)

Valerie Tan said...

I love tour niece. Tell her keep drawing.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Val, this reminded me of little notes my favorite youngest neice always wrote me.
I would find them after she left
and they always touched my heart
because she would say
"I love you"

Anonymous said...

Too Funny! Thanks!

Hope you wake up feeling even more well tomorrow and can go easily to work.


Val said...

Thank you, Valerie, Ernestine, and Lily. And happy Thanksgiving. ♥

And yes, Valerie, I tell her. I'm giving her some art supplies and a drawing book this Christmas. :)