Friday, June 5, 2015

Good News (and Cat-Shaped Doughnuts)

Thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts.  The vets just left.  Stuffed received an antibiotic injection--and many compliments from the vet and her assistant:  "Oh, he's BEAUTIFUL!"  "What a CUTE! CAT!"  "He's so well-behaved!"  He was so calm and good-natured with both women, I was quite proud, as if I have anything at all to do with his personality, but still, I was proud.  :)  
They said he did have an infection but that it appears he's feeling better now.  The antibiotic lasts two weeks and should get him back to full health.  Exactly what I was praying to hear today.  I couldn't be any more relieved.
When I was unable to sleep earlier this morning, I made cat-shaped mini doughnuts--a much simpler and nowhere-near-as-cute take on the ones pictured here-- to give to the vets--and kept a few here for me and Mike, in the hopes that we would be celebrating exactly this good news tonight--and the vets seemed tickled with their surprise snack, and I gave Stuffed a few treats and a new bowl of wet food while they wrote up my bill, so everyone was especially happy at appointment's end just now.  Thank God.  And thank you guys.    This is the calmest I've felt since this all started three weeks ago. 


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dearest Val ~ My eyes have filled with happy tears at your great news! I know how thrilled you were to have gotten this news. Yay Stuffed, you are on the road to recovery.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

La Table De Nana said...

Doing Balki's Happy Dance:)
When I read your posts on Bloglovin..I cannot last I am on Blogger and saw you:)

Lisa said...

Thank God!!!
Now, I have something to tell you. I just was outside with Dolly on a leash with the harness. I was reading. I had her on a short lead and could see her out of the corner of my eye. Suddenly. she wasn't in her harness. I searched for her in that bush but didn't see her. Still, I kept looking in there, not believing she couldn't be in there - it had sounded like she was taken by surprise, but surely if there'd been a fox or hawk I would have seen it? I am sure I wasted much time looking in that bush, not believing she wasn't in there. Finally, I started searching, praying to St. Francis. I looked next door. Then I headed toward the back yard, and saw some white across the brook! She was in the back yard of the folks who live behind us, her tail all puffed up. But I got her and brought her in! I thought I'd lost her to some wild creature. When I came in the house, I said another prayer for you and Stuffed!! I guess her tail was puffed simply because she hasn't been on her own for so many years. Mama Mia!

I'm very glad your kitty is going to be fine. Those antibiotic shots are wonderful.

Marie Rayner said...

So happy that there was good news and that your furbaby will be okay. (((((hugs)))) Prayers answered. Loving the cat doughnuts! I just think they are the sweetest! Love and hugs. oxoxo

Val said...

Thank you all so much. ♥

And "Mama mia!" is right, Lisa. My goodness, how scary. If I lost Stuffed for even a moment, I'd be a wreck.

Stuffed's cut and the abscess-mark have both scabbed over, so that's good. I might buy him an anti-itch first aid spray to help keep them in-place. He's still not sleeping in the bedroom, but maybe he's just found a new favorite spot out here in the main room, I don't know. I miss having him with us at night, but as long as he's healing and safe, he can sleep in whichever room he wants.

Thank you all again! ♥