Thursday, June 11, 2015

June 2015

It is about 90° here and another day and week when sleep is eluding me. 'Not an issue for certain cats who have taken over the dining table as they convalesce.   Ever since Stuffed first jumped up onto the was-intended-to-be-temporarily-fleece-blanket-covered table at the start of last Friday's vet visit, it has been The Place To Be.  Sweet Kit Kat.    His side looks so much better, and although he still hasn't joined us in bed since this all began, he seems much more himself. 
Has it been two years since I mentioned how Grandma would try to come up with names of flowers--and birds, and who knows what-else--that began with each letter of the alphabet the nights she couldn't sleep?!  I thought I had written that just last summer.  As it was for Grandma, my not being able to sleep seems to be a life-long issue, and it is worse in this humidity.  She would be proud--or bemused, at least, let's get real--to hear that this past week, before giving up and getting up to read--another "Grandma thing," that--I decided to think of Things I Would Have in My Dream Home from A to Z, and although sleep didn't come as a result, I had quite a charming list going:  African Violets, Braided Rugs, Calico, Daffodils, Elementary School Photo, Fresh Flowers, Groundhogs, Hyacinths and Hollyhocks, Ice Maker. . . .Whatever gets you through the night. 
I'm going home to see my family--and to visit my childhood home!!!  --this weekend and could not be more thrilled.  Yet to pack a thing, I've just gathered a few tops to take with me and have made a couple to-do lists.  Always, with the lists. 


Lisa said...

I'm so glad the furry guy is better! (good luck getting cat hair off of fleece :D)
I love your list, Val. When I can't sleep, I shy away from concentrating - sometimes it'll wake me up more. Although, sometimes I can tell that it might help - funny. So, I'll say a rosary. Next time, after the rosary, I may try your method. How many delightful things there are to think of!

Enjoy your trip!

Nellie said...

I will have to review to see what might be Stuffed's problem. I've been away from blogging for awhile. It is good that he is better! Have a marvelous week-end! xo Nellie

Val said...

Thank you both. :)