Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday Mish-Mash

I'm enjoying another cozy rainy day here, and from the looks of Stuffed ever-rearranging himself in his nest of old quilts, I'm guessing he's happy too.  I'm thinking pot pies for supper, to use up a mish-mash of ingredients in the freezer.  And I'm making an effort to whittle down some of the things I've saved in my email over the years.  A few items from my Miscellaneous folder of found quotes, ideas, tips, stories, and General Things I Love and Don't Want to Lose:
  • In a CNN story online this summer about how eating apples helps you live longer, someone concurred in the comment section:  "I've been eating seven apples a day since 1811.  I'm over 200 years old and going strong."  :)  Mike and I laughed over that off and on the next few nights, it's so silly.  :)
  • Whenever I get to visit Vermont, Jericho is on my must-explore list.  Have any of you visited?  It sounds fascinating and just beautiful.
  • When I started this blog, I was working in a deli and bakery to save some money for my move here, and one of the store's resident curmudgeon customers huffed his way up to the counter and asked for however-much white Cooper cheese.  I told him that we were out of the white Cooper just then, but that we had yellow.  "Ohhhh," he growled at me.  "The whole world's gone to hell!"  That still makes me laugh.  "The whole world's gone to hell" became a catchphrase between me and my coworkers and me and my parents for the next couple weeks.  
  • I love Sean Hayes' song "Powerful Stuff," and I emailed myself a link to this live performance of it in May 2012.    ♫  "Every day, do like a flower does.  Sun rises and she opens up.  Sun rises and she sings. . . ."  ♪  Mmmmmmmmmm.  Gorgeous song, gorgeous voice, gorgeous lyrics
  • In the text of an interview with historian David McCullough I emailed myself in 2007, McCullough is asked by the interviewer what he hopes to accomplish in his then-new book 1776.  "Most important of all," he responds, "I hope I've conveyed that no one knew how things were going to turn out.  All the signs were that they didn't stand a chance, that the war was over and that we had lost.  It was the darkest time in the history of our country.  The prospects for the United States of America never looked so bleak.  But because a handful of very brave people refused to see it that way, we are the beneficiaries.  Without them, the Declaration of Independence would be only that, a declaration, words on paper."  He goes on to say that, "Ingratitude is a shabby human failing."  Beautifully put.  
  • I'm a sucker for a good how-to-clean-your-home-with-[lemons/vinegar/in this case, Alka-Seltzer] and emailed myself this article years ago.  I use the sink-drain-cleaning tip often.
  • In 2005, wise and witty Julie of the blog "A Little Pregnant" shared this gem of a conversation that took place in the New Orleans airport that summer.  The paragraph begins with "I miss Southern women," and ends with "That, my friends, is grace."  Indeed. 
  •  When I was a kid, thirteen or younger, I had a dream in which I was standing inside my grandparents' bedroom with my grandmother.  She was showing me a pearl necklace as the dream began, and as I looked at it with her as she held it in her hands, she said, "God has a necklace of pearls.  Every time one falls (from the chain), a human life is restored in its place."  That was the entire dream.  I woke up then and wrote it down, but I would have remembered what she said anyway.  
  • This banana bread recipe makes the best I've ever had.  There is a container of sour cream in it, and the loaf pans are dusted with a cinnamon-sugar mixture.  Otherwise, it's a basic recipe.  But ohhhhh!  Truly!  Banana Bread Heaven! 
There!  Back to sorting here, then on to pot pie-baking.  'Hope you all are having a good day.  Thank you again for your sweet comments on my autumn walk post too. 


Lisa said...

Oh, I'm going to read your links! And I've just been thinking of a chicken pot pie for Thursday! We're on the same page.

(200 years old and all because of apples! amazing) :D

Lisa said...

Oh, and such cheeriness in your photos - just lovely.

Val said...

Thank you, Lisa. Picture-taking has been infinitely more fun this year with a "real" camera. :) One of 2014's "good things," as Martha would say. ;)

Teresa Schubert said...

Hi Val,
Thank you for stopping by my blog to visit, I was so happy to hear from you! I'm definitely going to try the drain cleaning with alka seltzer! I also really liked the one about southern women! Hope you have an awesome week :-)
sugar, spice and whatever's nice

Blondie's Journal said...


I so apologize for being absent so much. I really, really enjoy your posts, each and every one (so I caught up a bit), but please pass it off as, "She's going to get her act together someday!"

That cozy weather is upon us and I can see by the antics of your little friend. Oh...pot pies...perfect for a cold day!

I love some of these quotes and stories. The one about your dream and your grandmother, it reminded me of a quote I have on my sidebar I have on tears. Circle of life in some form perhaps.

Thank you for the well wishes. I was SO brave getting those stitches out!! Ha! I become more of a baby the older I get!

jane xx

Val said...

Hi, Teresa and Jane. Thank you. :)