Friday, December 23, 2011

Val Home

"Val home" was written on my mom's calendar twice! in the past month, as I got to see family both for a belated Thanksgiving and an early Christmas, and now Mike and I will be spending our first Christmas--AND Christmas Eve AND day after Christmas!--together here in our cozy apartment. It is partly due to the nostalgic time of year and partly "just Val," but I have been near tears with gratitude and awareness of my blessings this past month with its happy chaos of family-visiting, package-mailing, card-writing, ornament-making, and gift-hiding. Have you heard Tom McRae's heartbreakingly lovely version of "Wonderful Christmastime"? "We're here tonight. And that's enough." I have had that and Wham's "Last Christmas", another favorite, on repeat-play this week. (And did you also catch my dear George Michael's statement to the press on the news today? He has just been released from the hospital following a month-long stay for pneumonia. He is another favorite of mine, the voice of an angel, so note that I have added "George Michael alive and home for Christmas" to my growing list of Things Big and Small Making Val Weepy This Week.) It is my first Christmas ever spent without my family, but I have learned that Christmas (and Thanksgiving) and home and loved ones are things you carry with you, work schedules and distance and time apart be damned.

Mike gets out of work in just a few minutes, so soon he will join me back in our cinnamon-scented nest where I am now mixing up another batch of salt dough to make more ornaments and finalizing my grocery list before I head over to the store. Tree-purchasing and tree-trimming tonight--this is the latest I have ever gotten a Christmas tree, but so be it, and we will just leave it up through January to make up for it--Chinese food-eating and ornament-painting later tonight, and the rest of the weekend will be spent baking, cooking, and celebrating. Christmas!And all this rare free time with my Mike!! Home! 'Much more to say and share, but in the meantime, I do hope you all enjoy peace and love these holidays, as well.

"Love is a force
more formidable
than any other.

It is invisible --
it cannot be seen or measured,

yet it is powerful enough
to transform you in a moment,

and offer you more joy
than any material possession could."

~ Barbara DeAngelis



C'est moi Claudette said...

I also see hospital written on your mom's calendar Val. I hope all is well.
Merry Christmas to you and Mike in your little cozy nest. I know you will make it special no matter what.
This year is very difficult for me, but I'll get through it. I like George Michael too. i didn't know he was in the hosp.
You'll have to show us your salt ornaments ; )
Love from Canada where it finally snowed this morning.

Val said...

Ooh, you have snow! How beautiful. :)

I know this is a hard Christmas for you--and Thistle Farm too, her first without her husband. I am thinking of you guys and holding you in my heart.

Mom is still sick, but hopefully, things will improve in 2012.

And yes, I will share my ornaments sometime soon. :) It's almost 5 p.m. here and we still need to find a TREE! for them. :)

Much Love,


FlowerLady said...

Dear Sweet Val ~ May you and Mike have a wonderful first Christmas in your new home.

As the old saying goes, Home is where your heart is.

Love and hugs to you and Mike and to your dear parents as well. May your mother feel much better in 2012.


Lisa said...

I hope your Christmas is very happy, Val - I'm sure it will be, since you'll be together so cozily.
The quote by Barbara DeAngelis is right on.

the chronic utilitarian said...

merry Christmas, val!
hope your cozy nest is full of love and more cinnamon.


Val said...

Thank you and love to you all. :)

asmplelife said...

your home looks very wonderful and cozy and warm and delightful.....there truly is "no place like home" and I'm glad you got to spend all that time with your honey....

Val said...

Thank you, asl. It was heavenly having so much time off with Mike. :)

whoistracy said...

What a wonderful holiday scene! You always were so so creative. Love all the little touches you've added to the apartment. So very festive. I actually just spent the day yesterday taking down the holiday decorations- it comes and goes so quickly now to me.

I hope you're both doing well! We just got our first shovelable snow of the season last night- 1". LOL I don't mind though!!

Val said...

Hi, Tracy! :) Thank you, and yes, it goes by SO fast. Mike and I are leaving our trees and things up through January since I didn't get around to putting them up til Christmas Eve this year, so I can put off the dreaded packing-away-of-Christmas-decorations for a few more weeks.... :)

And about the same amount of snow here today, 1"-maybe 2".

Take care. :)