Monday, December 26, 2011

♥ Our First Christmas Together ♥

This Christmas was one of my favorite ones ever:  After four and a half years as a couple, my first Christmas Eve and Christmas with Mike. 
Many hugs and kisses, our new apartment shining brighter than usual, Stuffed looking like a kitten under the 6' tree, 
phone calls to and from our parents, and cinnamon and ginger in the air. Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas and Love, Actually, the Festivus episode of "Seinfeld," A Christmas Story, Scrooged--and all the Christmas specials I watched (and am still watching) on YouTube and amazon after Mike goes to bed. Mike's Yankees stocking beside my pink gingham one, 
pink snowman sheets and matching pillowcases on our bed Christmas Eve. Cards strung along a ball-trim garland beside our tree. A surprise package mailed to a friend and a surprise package for us from Aunt Laurie. Watching The Bishop's Wife while painting salt dough ornaments. Mike and I wrapping gifts in separate rooms while sugar cookie dough chilled in the fridge. Christmas carols. A funny Christmas memory shared with my younger brother over email, and his reply: "Soooooo so funny you said that because I was just thinking this morning about [that]!" A wreath around the bathroom nightlight, a sprig of holly over our "Welcome!" cross stitch, and a candle in the bedroom window. "Phone calls from Santa" for my niece and nephew on Christmas Eve. 
I was tearing up over something Christmas afternoon, and Mike asked if I was wishing I was with my family. "No. It would be nice to be there, but I'm glad we're here. I'm just crying because I'm happy."
In the kitchen window:  Green gingham stockings my mom sewed for us last Christmas, a year before we would have this green gingham kitchen in our new home. :) She always looks for the vintage village houses for me at flea markets. The red heart is from my friend Madai. 
The little trees on the coffee table between our chairs were going to be our only Christmas trees this year, but I wanted us to have a big tree too and walked to the drugstore Christmas Eve morning to buy one.  I moved the heavy old coat rack that is usually in that corner, put the tree together, lit it, and decorated it while Mike slept, so he woke up to a colorful surprise in our front door corner Saturday morning. His addition of SpiderMan was the finishing touch. :)
We have yet to see any real snow this winter--just flurries a couple mornings--so I transformed our biggest window into a snow scene with paper snowflakes, pulled cotton, and white trees. 
It looks prettiest at night, and surprisingly, after an initial sniffing of it, Stuffed has left it alone. :)
Christmas Day's breakfast was a simple but pretty little feast of cinnamon rolls and an egg casserole, with the usual coffee and orange juice for Mike and iced tea for me. Aqua felt right this Christmas morning, and I had just enough aqua things to doll up our table for the meal. 
My younger brother gave me the lace snowflake tablecloth for Christmas last year. 
The aqua heart dish is a wedding present from my dear friend Vickie; Sunday it contained a love note for Mike. 
Mom found us the aqua knit-looking "Warm Wishes" mugs last year. 
(Ah! And you can also finally see how I've fixed up the little Hoosier cabinet-top I found on craigslist last fall. The base of the "new" hutch was the bottom-part of a bookshelf I took apart with a saw before we moved out of our old apartment in July, and the two pieces fit together just the way I'd envisioned. I keep all my baking supplies and spices in the top and pots and pans in the bottom. We will soon be adding our just-received-for-Christmas Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, and "Seinfeld" Trivia games to our stack of games on the very top. It's not "done" yet, but I love this little corner of the apartment.) :)
Christmas night's meal was the traditional red and green, and after eating, we managed to watch a couple Christmas shows and read a little before fatigue caught up with us and we went to bed.
The more sleep-deprived of the two of us, I spent most of today napping in the bedroom and then falling asleep reading while Mike watched movies in the living room, but it was another relaxing night at home with him and Stuffed tonight. 'Back to work for Mike tomorrow, but I have a couple more days off, so we still have a lot more time together this week than we usually do. A sweet and happy first Christmas together.  


FlowerLady said...

Val ~ Your first Christmas together looks absolutely happy and delightful. I really loved your windows decorated with paper snowflakes, pulled cotton and white trees. Really nice. Your tree is pretty and festive, and I love your Hoosier.

Your are quite the happy homemaker and your joy of cooking and caring for and decorating your home (even while working), inspires me and makes me feel happy. (I work part-time.)

Enjoy the rest of 2011 and have a wonderful 2012.


Carol said...

Merry Christmas! Everything looks wonderful, Val. We didn't get snow either, but only Margaret and I were disappointed.

We take Jean back to Pitt on the 3rd. Hope it doesn't snow then!

Lisa said...

Sounds so cooooooozy! Just right. And Stuffed looks so cute!

asmplelife said...

i love how you decorated. especially the aqua. very pretty. enjoy your next few days off!

C'est moi Claudette said...

I think where ever you make "home" would be special. I adore your window deco. Your table and yummy food also look lovely.
Happy First Christmas together.
How is your mom?
Love Claudie

Val said...

Thank you all so much. :)

Claudie, Mom's still dealing with the Lyme. The tremors have been bad lately, although she said they were mild enough Christmas Day that she could enjoy the holiday, which was a relief to me to hear. The tremors and weakness really worry me--I have had a few nightmares lately, so I know it's weighing on me. It's just gone on so long already, and she doesn't seem much better off than last summer when it all began. She sees more doctors this week and next month, so maybe they will be able to figure out Plan Y or whatever they're on now. Thank you for asking. I hope next year at this time this is all a fading memory. :)

daiseedeb said...

Ohmygosh you are such a cutie. You and your hubby are so cute together!
Hope it was a great first Christmas!
xo d

Val said...

Thank you, Deb! How sweet of you. :) Happy new year to you all.

the REAL girl said...

Everything looks just adorable at your house....I know your Christmas was so special...Happy New Year!!

Val said...

Thank you so much, and happy new year to you too, JoAnn. :)