Tuesday, November 28, 2017

This Day

'Leftover pumpkin pie for breakfast, 63° outside, Stuffed is curled up in the sun-slants along the floor, and I have the day off work.  'Time to read with Stuffed snuggled into the afghan on my lap, time to cook a proper dinner this afternoon, time to catch up on email to dear Lisa later, and time to get laundry and other chores crossed off my list for the day and rest of this week.  It's all so much of a juggling act lately--I much preferred the work-schedule I had with my previous job, it turns out--that I feel like everything I do gets done at the last minute in a rush of "Whew!" and "'Pulled it off again!" so days like this when I can catch my breath and sit awhile in late fall sunshine with pie and a good book and a cuddly cat are truly, more than ever, the sweetest days of them all. 


Anonymous said...

Val, that's the prettiest pie!!! I bet its delicious too!!! I hope your day off is just as delicious...diana

racheld said...


I've been having great difficulty getting comments to friends to go through, so I hope this one reaches you. Lovely day in its simplicity and comfort, and none of those small pleasures could, in itself or together, be identified as to century or place. I have a lovely little moment to share with you, of a doppelganger and the sweet moments of our meeting. Moire non, if the blog sprites allow.


racheld said...

Joy and jubilation!! This is the first comment I've made in MONTHS, for Google and Blogger seemed to have banished me from all civilized company. Off to make amends to other neglected friends! r

Val said...

Thank you both, and Rachel, who knows!! Technology sometimes. . . !