Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday Before the Rain


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

WOW, great photos! Happy Spring dear Val ~ FlowerLady

La Table De Nana said...

OH well done!
Pretty are way ahead if me!

Jenny Pesavento said...

Oh Val, your pictures are stunning! I would have a hard time picking a favorite, each one is beautiful. What kind of camera did you use? I woke up to 5 inches of another form of precipitation!!! Springtime in the Rockies :) thanks for sharing.

racheld said...

What a Happy springtime note to find in my "mailbox" this cloudy, thundery, water-logged morning!! It was supposed to be sunshine and soccer, and now I think it will be brunch at home and an episode or two of Murdoch Mysteries (our favorite ACORN find of all time). It's set in Toronto, 1904, and is sweet and quaint and with such wonderful loyal characters, despite the obligatory corpse or two.

Your photos are simply so sweet and cheerful---I just told Chris as I looked that out of all the flowers I love, I've never seen a real-live Lily of the Valley. Pictures galore, book mentions as on a lady's lapel or clutched in a gloved hand (perhaps pressed with an innocent secrecy into prayer-book or a slim volume of Shelley), but never a real plant, pot, bouquet or sprig. They have such a quaint small innocent grace to them, and I know they have a distinctive, if elegant scent, for I've seen the perfume mentioned, as well.

Such a sweet post and I'm glad to add your cheerful self to this cloudy morning---do you take your French Toast with powdered sugar or without? Coffee or tea? Jammies de rigueur.


Lisa said...

Lovely!! That third photo, though, could be Hartford. It put me in mind of the Mark Twain house. Enjoy your walks, Val! xo

Val said...

Thank you all so much. :) The picture-taking certainly makes the long walks more fun.

Lorraine, thank you. You ahve a happy spring too. ♥

Monique, thank you. I think we're just south enough here to have so much in bloom so early. I know even ninety minutes north of here, my parents don't have all this yet. You will be in rapture as the season begins, I know. :)

Jenny, it's a Canon PowerShot--Number A2600. One of my former professors was from Montana and always talked about the long winters. . .snow through May. Just think, though: Your entire spring is still ahead of you. :)

Rachel, thank you. :) Your days sounds cozy and sweet, as ever. Lily of the Valley really are such dear little flowers. They were my aunt Laurie's wedding flower, which always seems most appropriate for her. ♥ I hope you get to see them someday.

Lisa, yes--I can see that. :) Archhitecture is just fascinating--all the different ways to design things, the differences in texture/shingles/siding, the colors and trims. . . .Remember you, Cheryl, and I wandering around just oohing and ahhing at the gorgeous old buildings around the Boston marina?! Heaven. :)