Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Pantsuits, Perfect Weather, and Patriotic Fudge: Election Day 2016

As I've said before, I love Election Day.  I'm happy to see everyone out and about and in the often-long lines at the polling places, no matter to whom their votes are going.  I myself was in line at seven this morning, and forty-five minutes later was walking home in the most gorgeous November weather wearing my "I voted" sticker. 
'More than a few "pantsuits for Hillary" at the two polling places I observed today, and there were likely as many Donald Trump supporters beside them.  Peace to us all.    I love this day.  I love that people care enough to take the time, period. 
I made up plates of Grandma's fudge to take to the volunteers at the two polling places nearest me.  My original plan had included taking fudge to both Hillary Clinton's and Donald Trump's campaign headquarters, as well--♪ What the world needs now is love, sweet love ♫--but when I walked a plate of fudge over to Clinton's listed headquarters, the office/storefront was already boarded-up and padlocked--I thought it would still be active at its stated address at least through tonight--and Trump's headquarters were in two suburbs of the city too far for me to get to this evening.  My good wishes and respect to us all, then, but Grandma's fudge ended up going only to the volunteers.  :) 
'Returns-watching the rest of the night here for me, and tomorrow, my second run since mid-August.  I'm finally healthy again--thank you --and happy to enjoy what's left of this beautiful autumn.  It is a day of hope here, to be sure. 


Blondie's Journal said...

I love your enthusiasm, Val. You have the right idea.

I'll take some of that fudge if you have any left!


Lisa said...

What a nice attitude, Val! And I'm glad you're all better, finally.

Val said...

Thank you both. I feel like I completely missed October this year. I felt better in time to catch the end of the World Series and Election Day, at least. :)

'Passing virtual fudge. . . . :)

Tracy said...

That is so sweet of you Val. I imagine the volunteers enjoyed the brownies immensely.