Friday, July 15, 2016

A Day Off

After working about thirty hours of overtime this week:  Finally, a day off.  And with The-World-at-Large seemingly spinning out of control, I feel a bit guilty saying that it has been such a sweet day here.  A big bowl of cinnamon-topped berries this morning.  A nap that didn't leave me feeling groggy.  A small birthday package mailed to my almost-twelve-year-old nephew.  Emails to and from cousins.  A grilled cheese-and-zucchini sandwich for lunch.  A taco salad for supper.  Iced tea with lemon all day.  And ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, best of all, a run tonight that was the first in my life I think I've ever loved.  It was 9 pm when I left the apartment for it, making it the latest I've ever run, and it was like a beautiful dream the entire half-hour.  The sky was setting as I did my warm-up walk, the moon misty behind coral-pink and deep lavender-gray clouds.  Fireflies appeared and disappeared in front of me as if lighting my path the entire run.  One even landed on my shirt.  A cat peeked out at me from a yard's side-gate and didn't make a move toward the street as I always fear cats will even though I'd impulsively cooed, "Oh, pretty!  Hello, Sweet Face" as I passed him.  I ran faster than on all my previous runs since re-starting the running last month.  The trees were soon silhouetted black against a now-all-lavender sky.  A family was playing tag under the lights on a school's lacrosse field.  And I ran so easily tonight, it made up for the harder moments from this past month.  I'm now halfway through the nine-week program, and it is so exciting to feel my own progress.  By the end of next week, I should be running twenty minutes without stopping.  Twenty minutes!  I treated myself to a bouquet of pink roses this evening to celebrate.    And soon will be in bed with a book.  Bliss.


Blondie's Journal said...

You are awesome, Val! Your description of the night made your run sound extraordinary. I'm back on the gym wagon Monday after news that my back is severely messed up. Gentle exercise and weight loss is key so I can no longer put it off. Of course I can run outdoors and will. Our temps have been hovering in the 90's.

That sandwich with zucchini sounds outstanding. I will definitely try it!


Val said...

Thank you, Jane. It was my most memorable run ever, just a beautiful dream. They're not all like that, for sure, so it was a gift.

The temperature--I know. Blechhh! 'Another reason the 9 pm run felt so good. Good luck with your own goals.

I would add zucchini or mushrooms to just about anything--And sauteed mushrooms are also incredibly good on grilled cheese sandwiches. Yes, try! :) ♥

La Table De Nana said...

What a reward for the determination !

Anonymous said...

Great job...what a wonderful world in many ways even though it is spinning out of control in deserved a beautiful day...9pm run sounds safe...db

racheld said...

Oh, the bliss of such an evening, with all the stars aligned behind the coral and lavender and blue! And all the prelude, the building up-to---what a sublime day, as well.

Just the quiet of it, the every-moment-your-own is sometimes a great gift, in amindst all the gottas and shouldas and what they call in the South the "Roundtoits."

Not every minute has to be spent doing, I tell myself, thinking of a line in a book read so long ago I can't quote it---he chose his wife for her ease within herself, that great calm which she could settle into, taking him along into the solitude and peace. That's a gift, as well, of the "talent" kind, like a great voice or a hand on a pen. I try to think what you'd call it---you can have a talent for music, or for art, but what is a gift for Serenity, I wonder.

Thank you for adding to the calm cool peace of this slow morning with Chris and coffee and my new anniversary orchids---William, who is triple and small and gently perfumed, and of the coveted purples of my Aunt Lu's vast racks of African Violets of the Fifties. And Khaleesi, whose two quintets of serene white faces hang gentle in the breeze of the fan, with her burgeoning buds even plumper and rounder, I swear, than when he brought her home last night.

I love hearing about your days---I hope you know what a lovely part the hearing of them plays in mine.


PS I'd wish for every runner, every try-er, every hopeful with that new pair of running shoes, one just such an evening---it could eclipse TIRED, it could heal blisters, hamstrings, aches, pains, exhaustion, thirst and waning enthusiasm, all in one gold and purple sunset.

Val said...

Thank you for all the kind words, Monique, db, and Rachel. ♥

And Rachel, I like the "gift for Serenity" concept too. Yes, yes, yes.