Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Back at It

The holiday hoopla threw my writing routine out of whack, but this first week of February, I'm finally settling back into one.  This is how dreams live or die, it seems:  A few days of not working toward a goal turn into weeks of not working toward it, and then a couple months have passed, and then a whole half-year, and then the dream becomes something one was involved in in once years ago. . . .I return to this, though, and I will keep returning to it:  to my seat at this table and to these stacks and bags of index cards and diaries and family photos, and to the belief that this matters.  


Courtney Carney said...

7 hours of the Monkees!! Oh how just watching/ listening/ talking about the Monkees brought such nostalgia! Not a care in the world ..."Here we come walking down the street..." Still brings a smile to my face

Val said...

I know, Courtney--Their songs take me right back to those days. I remember telling kids at school the Monkees named "Valleri" after me, which makes no sense, but that's being a kid for you. :)