Sunday, January 4, 2015

Mom's Birthday

My mom's birthday should fall in May or June, it's always seemed to me.  She doesn't seem like a winter birthday person, but instead like one who should get to enjoy a garden party in full sunshine on her day.  She has Mother's Day in springtime, at least.  

I've introduced Mom to the artwork of Susan Wheeler, creator of the illustrated "Holly Pond Hill" world, in the past few years.  I sent her the Wheeler card above a few days ago--she mentioned tonight how she loved the giggling mice on it--and as part of a small package that postal service tracking promises will arrive Monday morning, one of Wheeler's Holly Pond Hill books titled Today Is Your Day.  Every one of Wheeler's illustrations in it is "so Mom," I can't imagine a more perfect book for her.  If reincarnation exists and Mom has any say in it, she will come back as a tea-drinking rabbit dressed like Tasha Tudor.  The rustic cottages depicted in Wheeler's artwork are what do it for me:  The arched windows and doors, the scalloped shingles, the colorful furniture. . . .Bliss! 
The illustration above reminds me of the treasured photo below of Mom's surprising me--the oddball sixteen-year-old with a lap full of decorating magazines--with my birthday cake in 1993.  Birthday laughter, the best of gifts. 
When I talked with her earlier tonight, she said that she'd gotten to see both my brothers and their families in the past few days, had talked with her sister Laurie and their friend Vickie, and that she and Dad had enjoyed their weekend together. All good news. 
Mom had mentioned while I was home at Christmas that she misses chocolate-covered pretzels now that she's gone gluten-free, and I found her a box of gluten-free ones last week to include in her package.  She had surprised me on Christmas Eve:  While I was baking, Mike checked the mail and returned with a tiny box from her that contained a felt stocking holding a few of the chocolate marshmallow snowmen I'd discovered last month and raved about while home last month and the smallest gift box with an Old English Sheepdog key-chain inside.  
The box was the perfect size for a miniature gift for her--
--so I reused it for her blue floral tea pot and plate of cookies-- 
--and then re-wrapped the box itself, so the silly surprise will be more of a surprise.  :) 
Last spring or summer, I had found a couple sheets of vintage blue wrapping paper with colonial-looking tavern signs like those Mom collects on it, and I saved it for this year's birthday package.  
I had enough to wrap the book, pretzels, miniatures, and a couple sets of note cards too, and since there was still some left, I covered the outside of the entire package in it then strengthened it with clear tape before taking it to the post office. 
 Happy birthday, Mom. 


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dear Val ~ What a happy post! You are such a dear, and your Mom is going to LOVE her birthday pkg.

Happy Birthday to your dear Mom!

Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

Balisha said...

What fun to be on the receiving end of one of your packages. You take such care...finding the right thing and then taking the time to wrap with such love.
You are lucky to have each other...what a nice daughter you are.

La Table De Nana said...

What a dear daugher you are! The chair in the illustration reminds me of yours:)

Marie Rayner said...

Val you are the most caring daughter. Your mother is so lucky to have you in her life. God bless you both. xxoo

Val said...

Thank you all. :) Mom called last night and loved it all. We're lucky to have each other, for sure. ♥