Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Now November

This has been one of the most gorgeous autumns of my life.  If this fall could only last right up until Christmas Eve. . . !  I just don't want it to end.  My throat was sore all day yesterday, and I finally gave up after supper and just went to bed early--dishes unwashed, and even left on the table--thinking I'd wake from my nap a few hours later, clean up, then go to bed "for real."  My nap was more than "real" enough, though:  Mike woke me up this morning to tell me he was leaving for work and to have a good day.  Work?  Day?  I was still in yesterday's outfit when he woke me a couple hours ago.  Tuesday is beginning, then, with dish-washing and wits-gathering but without a sore throat, and for someone who is seemingly always coming down with something or recovering from something, that is no small blessing.  And if I have to pack of a thermos of hot tea for my walk this afternoon, I will do it: The world is sunny and glittering outside again today, and I don't want to miss it.  But dishes first. 


Lisa said...

That rest did the trick - enjoy the beautiful day!

Val said...

Thank you, Lisa! Good sleep is always a good thing. :)

Nellie said...

I do hope the extra rest gave the healing needed. It is no fun to have a sore throat! xo

Blondie's Journal said...

I think your body told you exactly what it needed. I hope you are on the mend! Drink lots of that tea!

Jane xx

La Table De Nana said...

I would have washed your dishes:) You should have called.
Lovely that this was one of your best autumns..we all need a best of something once in a while..or even more often.
Take care!

Teresa Schubert said...

So glad your feeling better, sometimes a little rest is all we need but our bodies have to find a way to convince us! The turning leaves are so pretty, I can see why you would want to hang onto this season as long as possible.
I live in Florida so we don't really get the autumn show the way other states do, but I do so enjoy every ones pictures:-)
Blessings to you and yours,
sugar, spice and whatever's nice

Valerie Tan said...

What a beautiful part of the country you live in. Your body must have needed the rest. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi Val,

I'm so glad to hear your throat is feeling better! And I am glad you listened to your body and just went to bed thinking you could always deal with the dishes later! Good for you!

Our autumn is just the right temperature and so lovely, too. Enjoy!


WritingForLife said...

Aww, I hope you feel better. You have a lovely blog here and I am looking forward to reading more of you :-)

Val said...

Thank you all so much. :)

(And WritingforLife, happy to meet you. Thank you. :)