Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

This year's was the first Thanksgiving I'd ever spent alone.  As I did last year, I volunteered to work this Thanksgiving so that I can instead have off Christmas, and Mike left town early Thursday morning to spend the holiday weekend with his family.  Friday afternoon found me catching up on sleep with Stuffed in bed beside me while the slow cooker worked its magic and later waking to finish cooking, still in my pajamas. 
I had treated myself to a $4 bundle of salmon-pink Roses and frosted and decorated a single carrot muffin--my first sugar in a month--for dessert.  After pouring my iced tea and taking these few photos, I treated Stuffed to a can of wet food, like Lisa did for her cats last Thursday, and even let him eat at the table for the very first time.  It was Friday night, then, when I finally sat down to enjoy a simple celebration of food and flowers--and a sweet fluff-ball of a dinner companion who always appreciates the good things in life--and to say thank you, again, for everything.
Thanksgiving, I reflected while dining alone (after Stuffed had hopped down from the table and curled up on the floor again), is just pausing to think about all that you have--and all that you have had--and being grateful for it.  To miss eating a bigger meal only meant that I'd been blessed by a finer meal before.  To wish I were with my husband and family only showed that I am lucky enough to love and be loved.  And to feel nostalgic for all the Thanksgivings spent sitting at the kids' table at Papa and Grandma's house only proved that Thanksgivings huge enough to require kids' tables and hosted by happy grandparents are for me, not fantasies but memories. 
Thanksgiving, I was reminded this year, isn't only a "real" Thanksgiving when one is enjoying a full plate or full home. Thanksgiving happens anytime one says thank you with a full heart.  That's all.  And that's everything.


FlowerLady said...

Beautiful post in thoughts and photos.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Val, another lovely post and any day you share a meal with Mike, is Thanksgiving day!

Lisa said...

You have it right, Val. And so cute to see Stuffed on the table!!! :D

Our kitties got canned turkey, but we had chicken! (of course, they also got a bit of our chicken as well.)

I wish more people could understand what you're trying to say here - it's perfect.

Nellie said...

A very insightful post, Val. Always, we are thankful for every blessing! xo

Val said...

Thank you all. :) Happy Thanksgiving, again. ♥♥♥

Rev. Jim said...

Val: Thanks for sharing your meal with us and your comments! I'm sure this wasn't the first time that Stuffed was on the table - only the other times happened when you or Mike weren't there to see it! And, speaking of Stuffed - you said at the beginning that you were "alone" but Stuffed would be upset if he knew you didn't include him as being your companion.:) Just saying. At least you acknowledged him later in the posting. Thanks again for such lovely thoughts! :)

Val said...

Hi, Jim. :) In the rough draft, the first sentence of this post was something along the lines of "I spent Thanksgiving alone this year--or as alone as one can be considered with a cat eating at the place-setting beside hers." Stuffed is never forgotten. :)

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Hi Val,
Thanks for coming over to visit me!

I love your Thankful thoughts for your Thanksgiving, your sweet heart knows it's blessed even when it was a different way to spend it!!
And Stuffed knows he's blessed too!

Love Hugs and Blessings Linnie

asmplelife said...

A truly lovely post, Val. "Thanksgiving with a full heart." I love that turn of words. You spoke very beautifully! Nicely done, Val.

Val said...

Thank you, Linnie and Cheryl. ♥