Monday, April 25, 2011

Sweet Easter

After Mike saw what the Easter Spider had brought him, he tried to sleep some more while I got up and began a day of cooking and baking for the two of us. I love being with family on holidays but also love quiet holidays spent just with Mike. Yesterday, our first holiday together since getting married on the 15th, was especially sweet. It was just the laid-back day we both needed. Mike had bought cinnamon rolls for us. I took a long bath. Mike read the paper and some comic books. I stayed in my pajama pants all day. Mike made coffee. In between kitchen tasks, I enjoyed my usual iced tea while checking email. It was warm enough, especially with the oven on and water boiling on the stove, to have the windows open. We gave Stuffed extra treats. Quiet. Laid-back. Sweet.
 Ah, yes, he's now bald! I am very firmly in the "Don't-tell-me-not-to-cut-my-hair-short-because-I-wouldn't-tell-you-what-to-do-with-your-hair" camp, and I tend to cut my own hair really short every so often much to the dismay of everyone around me, but I don't mind saying that I asked Mike not to shave his head and beard until after the wedding. That's still a compromise, though, I believe. I didn't tell him not to do it, after all, but instead just asked him to hold off. . . :)

Photos are funny in what they do and don't capture. Besides cropping out my dog-with-dog-bone pajama pants, that one of us doesn't let you see all the stacked moving boxes around us either. If all goes as planned, we are moving into a new apartment in July. Piles of taped and labeled cardboard cartons, I can handle. The bare walls in here are starting to get to me. We had originally been scheduled to move this Saturday, so I had packed a lot before there was a change of plan. Now, we are surrounded by packed boxes and white walls but are one step ahead for this summer's move. I was glad to get one more photo of us in here that doesn't show all that. 

As I told Mike yesterday, this Easter was our last sit-at-the-table-for-a-nice-dinner holiday in this apartment. We don't cook a real meal for Memorial Day, and the 4th of July will find us curled up with picnic food to watch Jaws, as is tradition. I fell in love with those rainbow-colored plaid plates and matching cups at Target a few weeks ago and bought a set of each for us, and I knew I wanted to keep the table simple and uncluttered this year, so they and my bridal bouquet and our tiny wedding cake topper were color enough on a white tablecloth. 
To clear all the boxes and stacks of books off the table yesterday took at least fifteen minutes, but it was worth it. We needed the peace and just plain goodness of a sweet and simple Easter dinner, and we got it.  I made gnocchi and meatballs, just like my grandparents used to, and salads and focaccia bread to go with it. We had our peanut butter nests and marshmallow "Peep"-topped cheesecake for dessert.  There was still leftover wedding cake in the fridge, but even I seem to be tiring of sweet frosting, so that will keep awhile longer. After we finished eating, we watched Black Swan, and I talked with my parents for a few minutes. A happy Easter and our first as a married couple, it was just a lovely day. 


FlowerLady said...

Val your Easter sounded lovely, and your food looks yummy. Love those dishes. I also love the table setting and that sweet drawing you did of yourselves.

Sorry your move got set back, hopefully the time goes quickly.

Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

Lisa said...

Sounds just right. I love the plates and glasses! They caught my eye right away.
Gnocchi! The potato type or the cornmeal ones?

Too bad you'll be "packed up" for so long!!

Rev. Jim said...

Moving! Who are you guys, the Ingalls family?!!! Seriously, Mr. Mike - grow the beard back - of course I'm prejudice. And don't shave Stuffed! :)

Val said...

hello, FlowerLady, Lisa, and Jim. :)

Thank you, FlowerLady. :)

Lisa, those plates really made my heart skip a beat too. If I could find that pattern in a wallpaper, fabric, rugs, anything--I'd have it everywhere. :) It's so cheerful.

And we will leave Stuffed alone, Jim, I promise. :)

gld said...

Val, we have been married 50 years and those are still our favorite times...just the two of us, a quiet day, and a good meal together.

The table setting is perfect, very springlike.

Paula said...

Hi sweet Val, I enjoyed reading this lovely post so much! You are Mike make such a darling couple! Your table setting is beautiful and the food looks yummy! I love the little drawing of you and Mike on your wedding day! That is so sweet!!! I am so glad you both had a lovely Easter day together doing things you love! I hope you can move soon and get settled again! Sending you love and hugs, Paula

Val said...

Thank you, Glenda and Paula. :)