Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Overnight Success

When I was about twelve years old, I was a faithful reader of Tiger Beat, Teen Beat, and Bop magazines, and I remember a number of articles and interviews in them in which the heartthrob-of-the-day, actor or singer or group, would proclaim something along the lines of "Everyone thinks of me/us as an overnight success, but I/we worked hard for this for a really long time, so it doesn't feel that way to me/us!" The "new" sensation would go on to outline the years of fruitless auditions or off-Broadway plays or free concerts performed in their parents' backyards for the neighbors, and I would read these details with such incredible interest. The hours of rehearsals the New Kids on the Block put in, just like the Jackson Five before them! The faith a pre-teen Debbie Gibson had in herself to create a home "recording studio" consisting of a row of tape recorders set up on an ironing board! The perseverance a fifteen-year-old Tiffany showed in doing her first "tour" in shopping malls! The chutzpah of a still-unknown-and-too-broke-to-afford-a-home-phone Michael J. Fox as he negotiated his contract for "Family Ties" from a phone booth outside a fast food chicken place! I devoured these stories. I love them even more this week when finally, a full ten years after graduating from college and four years after finishing grad school, I have been hired to do a job I'm truly proud of, excited about, and eager to begin. I'm not exactly where I want to be yet, but I'm on my way, and closer than I was before. 
It is slowly sinking in that a new stage has begun. Tonight I have flowers spread all around the apartment from a congratulatory arrangement from Mom and Dad. Tuesday will be my last day at my current restaurant job. That evening, Mr. Mike, who has been my friend since college and thus seen me through all my "pretty little rough patches" these past ten years, is going out to dinner with me to celebrate. Soon I start my new job. And I feel strong and optimistic. And I did not give up. There are fresh flowers in the toothbrush holder tonight to prove it. 


appledapple said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog leading me to your two blogs. I'm also on a weight loss journey so I very much appreciate finding your journey and seeing your success, I'm just at the beginning of mine.
Congratulations on your new job, I hope it exceeds your dreams!

Carol said...


This time in the "desert"--so to speak--has been a crucible. You have come out of that fire as refined gold.

I have watched your journey unfold and seen how you have consistently overcome in situations where others would have given up or lashed out. You have endured with grace, Val, and I am incredibly proud of you. You should be proud of yourself.

My mom and Jean send you their best wishes and congratulations, and said they are very happy for you.


Val said...

Thank you both so much.

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

Sooo happy about your new job!! Yay for you!! :-) Life sure can be confusing and rough sometimes,but things tend to work out in the end. Like that saying" I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it" I have to remind myself of that a lot. lol :-) Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. You are a doll. Still preggers. Getting induced on Monday morning. Yay! The end is in sight!! lol. Huge hugs to you and hope you have a fabulous night!! xoxo! Britt :-)

DreamgirlLisa said...

I am sooo excited for you, and I can't wait to hear all about it!! You are going to be fabulous...and remember, the journey to where you are now has helped you make you, YOU! You are stronger, wiser, and ready for anything!

Val said...

Thank you, Britt and Lisa. :) Britt, how sweet of you to write/check in at all when you were so close to delivery! I keep checking your site for good news.... And thank you, Lisa. I know it's all made me who I am, but what a wild ride sometimes!

Cheeze said...

Just the touch of inspiration needed, Lil Sis!

Thanks, and congrats again!

Val said...

Thank you, Marylou. :)