Friday, October 3, 2008

Little things seem nothing, but they give peace. ~ Georges Bernanos

Two little things that have made me quite happy today are my new green and white thigh-high tube socks and a rose bush I walked past on my way home from work this afternoon. The ring of our apartment's buzzer late this afternoon announced the just-in-time-to-wear-on-a-cold-night sock delivery, and I'm quite sure I've never loved a pair of socks this much. In fact, I hate wearing socks--I'd rather go barefoot anytime--and these are the only ones I've ever had on that don't even feel like socks. They just feel like warm legs and feet. I think I'll be getting my mom a pair of these for Christmas this year. And just breathing in the roses' perfume as I walked home today took me back to something good in my 80s childhood. Once I've identified the rose, I'll add it to my "Someday Wish List." Meanwhile, with warm feet and a grateful heart, I'm off to bed.

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