Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Starting Over Yet Again (And Thank You, Instructor Steve)

My motivation to walk and eat right seems to have gone haywire lately: I'll walk six miles one day and nap instead of exercising the next three days, eat really well for a week then not bother to stock up on healthy groceries for the next week, fill out almost all my daily food diary during the day and not complete it at night, and so on. One of my math instructors in college once reprimanded me while looking over my self-made study materials for his class by kind of snidely opining that I should do more work and less preparation for work. And although I argued that I did both--I really worked quite hard even to pass that class--I understood what he meant: I'd put together a number of sample tests to take, I'd rewritten some of the textbook thinking it would help me memorize the step-by-step how-to of the problems, I'd copied and organized into one folder all the formulas and other tools from the text and from books and resources I'd borrowed from him, I'd done so many little things that fell under the category of "This Math Class and Things I Know About It and Things That Might Help Me Do Well in It," but I was really doing very few actual math problems. I was working around the subject instead of working on the subject. And I can see now, these past few weeks, that I've been handling this weight loss/better health challenge of mine in much the same way: I've signed up to have various diet and health-related newsletters emailed to myself, I've taken a couple "before and after" pictures, and I've bookmarked a bunch of articles online that contain good tips and information on weight loss, but I've been skipping my walks, not eating well, and slacking off with my food diary too. So as Instructor Steve would say, it's time to do more work and less preparation for work.


jenny holiday said...

Thank you so much for all that you share with us!! Keep at it!! You are fabulous!! :)

Just want to thank you SO SO SO much for visiting my NEW home here in blogland!!! It has been such a stressful week!!! I am happy to say that I am finally settled into one address!! My second blogger address in 2 days!! Thanks to AOL! ughhh...anyhoo....you may have bookmarked my first NEW blogger address.....well I am here to tell you that I have a NEW NEW blogger address ..LOL! Here it is...


Thanks so so much for following my lil blog!!!

I am so so happy to be in my new and final home!!!
Happy Happy Fall!!!

luv ya!!!
xoxo Jenny

moreena said...

Oooo, congratulations, Val! What a fantastic (and sensible sounding) weight loss plan. I do that exact same crazy, over-organized preparation for work and not actual work thing.

Val said...

Thank you, Jenny and Moreena. :) What a treat to see you each here. :)

Jenny, I've made note of your latest new address. :) Thank you.

And you know, Moreena, I've never heard anyone else say they get that about the preparation for work thing. I'm glad I'm not alone in that. And I'm going to bed in just a minute so happy Annika's doing so well post-transplant! I hope you had a great celebration tonight. Sweet dreams to you all.

Justie Just said...

The best way to learn French is to go to France.

Sometimes you just gotta get involved and do it and not let your brain talk you out of it. I experience this a lot with my music students. I will get questions like "What can I do to get better at playing Jazz?" The answer is easy: you just PLAY JAZZ! You can read books and watch videos and all of that stuff will help you to some degree, but the best way to do it is to just do it.

At this stage you already know what you need to do and what works. You just need to keep doing it.. OR.. you need to do something different. Maybe you aren't motivated to walk for 6 miles because you're getting bored. Why not take up something else? Ride a bike or something. Size 6 is nothing to sneeze at considering where you are coming from. You have already won, you just need to finish the race.

How many goofy metaphors did I fit into this comment?

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Excellent post!! I've been "working around the problem" as well.

I'm right there with you, and at least you ARE typing "But now I'm back on-track!" instaead of backsliding.

Love the organge block idea. Fill it up girl!!

Wren Cottage said...

You're not alone! I have a tendency to do the same thing... but I have to say you & your blog have motivated me, I've lost 3 lbs!! yayy!! alot more to go, but just wanted to THANK YOU!!
Up and onward :)
Sending you a huge hug!!
xo Madai

Val said...

Congrats on the three pounds, Madai! :) And I'll update on all the health/weight loss-related things soon.