Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Artwork by Bianca

The flu struck the week before Thanksgiving and never really went away.  'Am still sick but can almost say I've managed to pull off another Christmas.  This is niece Bianca's Saturday depiction of the two of us beside the Christmas tree.  (My hair!  Our eyes!)  Rarely have I been more charmed by something (or someone).  :)    Happy holidays to you all, and catch you in the new year. 


Jenny said...

Merry Christmas to you Val and all you hold dear. the drawing from your niece is charming and precious, i love the bright star on top of the tree. she is a very good artist! So sorry to hear you've been fighting the flu.... i hope for a full and speedy recovery. no fun to feel crummy, especially over holidays. see you in 2019. peace, good health, and much joy being wished for you today and the new year.💕😊🎆👍

Lisa said...

How charming! I hope you're feeling better by now.