Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Best-Laid Plans

A bit earlier than usual, I've come down with my seemingly annual Christmas cold, so it looks like I'll be slowing down even a bit more than I'd even intended while writing my last post.  I'm most-grateful to be done with shopping for my family since my Christmas with them is next weekend already.  I had planned to put up the tree yesterday but only got as far as clearing the space on this tiny wall beside the mantel and then was too pooped to do more.  I went to bed around 7:30 last night, and there's no time or energy for tree-work today either, so it will have to be good-enough in the meantime just to have the spot ready and waiting, especially since I feel like dragging a blanket and pillow over to the cleared-out corner for a nap.  Ah, December!  I will take the cold as confirmation of all my good intentions from last Friday and simply let myself rest.  

And somewhat off-subject:  How handsome is actor Barry Bostwick?!  
His movie Holiday Baggage was on TV while Mom and I put up the tree while I was home last week, and as I told her:  Hubba-hubba!  Talk of tree-decorating reminded me of him and the movie just-now.  And I'll let that be the positive note on which this post ends.  :)


Ellen D. said...

I was going to say that the plus side to having your cold now is - it will be gone before Christmas! But then you left me smiling with your "hubba hubba"! Hope your happy spirit will help you heal quickly!! thanks for the smile!

Lisa said...

Dragging a pillow and blanket to a nearby corner sounds so cat-like. Maybe Stuffed would accompany you. :) I hope you feel better soon, Val. You've got the right idea to think of it as a rest - make the most of it!

Blondie's Journal said...

I truly hope you feel well soon, Val. I've had a bug, or maybe more than one type since mid October. The bug that keeps on giving. I know how miserable and tired you must feel as well. It takes away some of the joy of the holiday.

I'm loving the Christmas movies and I see a lot of actors that have gotten older so gracefully (and handsomely!). Of course I'm aging right along with them so those gray haired guys are quite appealing! :)

Feel better and Merry Christmas!!

Jane x

Val said...

Thank you, Ellen, Lisa, and Jane. :)

And oh my, yes, Jane! I think men are always so much more attractive as they get older. Yes, yes, yes. :) Merry Christmas and feel better to you too. I know it's dragged on a long time now for you.

Swistle said...

That combination of wall colors/patterns is SO PRETTY. I sat for probably a full minute just staring and staring!

Val said...

Oh, goodness, thank you, Swistle! That's fun to hear. I'm in an apartment and not allowed to wallpaper, so both walls are actually covered in nailed-up fabric. :) I love the pink one the mantel's on and am actually still kind of undecided about the other. The fabric itself is lovely--it's a pale green with the most gorgeous clusters of pink and red roses--but I keep wondering if I'd like a bigger print better, and a year after putting it up, I still don't know. I'm glad to hear you like it. :)