Monday, December 5, 2016

Patchwork Walls with the Christmas Tree

It took a few days longer than anticipated, but I finished patching the walls Saturday afternoon and got the tree up yesterday afternoon.  I love both:  the walls turned out exactly as I'd envisioned and the tree is my favorite one yet.  A package from my mom arrived Saturday afternoon, so there even a few presents under the tree already--blocking certain curious cats, hopefully, from chewing on the tree's lower boughs. 
I'll add my set-aside framed pictures to the walls after Christmas when this becomes my writing corner.
Most of the mishmash of wall fabrics are from Mom and other loved ones.  The Old English Sheepdog sketch fabric was a gift from my friend Kent, the pink chenille was from my grandparents' house, the blue floral and the green gingham were from Mom, a few of the floral handkerchiefs were flea market finds from Mom, the long-stemmed pink roses-on-white fabric was a 69-cent pillowcase I found at Goodwill with Mom one of the last times I was home, the few small patches of coral roses were cut off an old sweatshirt from my rag bag. . . .Thus I used most of the fabric I'd had stored-away here--and a hearty "Yeaaaaa!" to that. 
As my fabric-supply dwindled, some of the patches had to be reconstructed in a way that was especially patched--
--but it all turned out as I'd wanted. 
The touches of green gingham on these tiny walls are across from the green gingham curtain I have dividing the kitchen and dining spaces and diagonal from the green hutch in the corner, and already this small apartment looks so much cozier and so much more tied-together as a result. 
The tree is a simple one, only four feet tall but up on a tray-table and decorated with some favorite ornaments.  Most everything on it is handmade and/or a gift from someone.  (And most ornaments are from Mom, it seems.)  The skirt is one of my tablecloths.  The angel tree-topper was made by friend Sommer's mom when I was eighteen.  I made my stocking, and I think Mike's was a gift from my younger brother.  Stuffed's stocking is one of the rare things I saw and just had to buy, but it was too perfect to pass up.  
He snuggled up with it again last night when I unpacked it from its box.  The green snowflake cookie ornament next to it was a gift from Mom, as was the Chickadee ornament below that she painted. 
The pastel green patchwork pear was from Mom too and is actually a pincushion. 
. . .Pale green ice skates from Mom,
glittery pink deer from Mom,
a sign from my friend Madai,
a dear and detailed ornament from Aunt Laurie of the Cratchit home from A Christmas Carol,
a pink snowflake cookie from Mom,
a salt dough ornament I made of Stuffed years ago,
another Chickadee mom gave me,
and a few ornaments I've found, like this snowy window from a thrift shop about ten years ago,
two $1 doves from Barnes and Noble I glued together and joined with a heart,
a simple gingerbread man from the $1 bin at Target,
and so many snowflakes and handmade salt dough hearts. 
The only ornaments that seem to be missing this year are the pink candy cane salt dough ornaments I made years ago.  I've found the yellow, blue, and green ones.  An afternoon spent watching a Christmas movie while twisting salt dough into candy canes would be lovely, though, so. . .one of these days.  Next is Christmas card-mailing, and the sewing of an in-joke ornament for my dad, and otherwise I'm all set until a few days before the holiday when I begin baking.  I finished my Christmas shopping November 29th.  I get a little more organized every year, and despite having worked so many hours of overtime the past three months, this really is the most on top of things I've ever been with all this.  'Am quite proud of that.  'A few weeks now, then, to slow down and just enjoy it all. . .to look up from a good book every few pages to admire the newly-patched walls, and to nap with Stuffed in front of the string lights.  Bliss. 


La Table De Nana said...

I can tell you love your's so personal..great job :)

LOve your ornaments..someone on my blog..Jeanie..wisely commented..that our trees are our biographies:)

Val said...

I just read that over on your blog, Monique--just a few minutes ago. She is right.

Thank you. ♥

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Oh Val, it is all so 'sweet' and oh so you.

Happy Christmas holidays ~ FlowerLady

Lisa said...

Done with your shopping, Val! Excellent girl! Enjoy your Advent season and your naps with Stuffed - you have earned it. xo

diana said...

So beautiful and creative....I wish I could cuddle up on your cozy chair and just snooze...such an inviting little home...I want to be there as you create your candy cane ornaments and do your baking...what delightful joy you bring to our world! Diana

racheld said...

How beautifully cozy and warm, Sweetpea---I could wake up to that every day of the year. And to tell the truth, we HAVE still had our tree up months too long---once til April, I remember.

All that festive colour and pretty patterns are just YOU---and your sweet, talented heart.


Jenny Pesavento said...

ohhh Val, i LOVE how this turned out-so adorable. i would have to take that wall with me if i ever moved! lol. i love all the ornaments, especially the one you made of Stuffed, and the little chickadees, one of my favorite birds. and the sugar cookies look good enough to eat! thanks for sharing your darling little cozy corner of Christmas.... 2 thumbs up for having so much done for the holidays-more time to actually enjoy this wonderful time of the year! best to you and yours <3 jenny

(this time i had to check all the pictures that had a store front! too funny that you set it up to not do this...and it's doing it ;) technology....haha

Val said...

Diana, your comment touched my heart--thank you so much. Thank you all. :) This was a fun project, and yes, getting to relax and enjoy the spot now makes it all the better. :)

Marie Rayner said...

What a beautiful cosy room and tree Val! I love it! Your walls are a testimony to love and family and happy memories and I love the ornaments on your tree! This is what Christmas is all about. Love and family and sharing. xoxo

Val said...

Thank you, Marie. ♥