Friday, June 12, 2009

And what do we do when a book is read?

"That's right, dear children, we go to bed." I discovered this vintage book illustration a few months ago and fell in love with it and finally matted and framed it today for above our bed. For two bookworms, especially bookworms with a big cat who takes over the (patchwork-quilted!) bed on a nightly basis, this page is just perfect. Our apartment's walls all seem to be filled with either lead or cotton--the one above the bed is lead, apparently--so the first nail broke and the second nail bent as I hammered them in. Here's hoping a happily-reading Mr. Mike and I aren't knocked out by a falling frame one of these nights. 

Life lately has been a monotonous blur of napping and reading with the cat beside me after work in the afternoon and job-searching in the evenings. The following song came on the radio as I was finishing up at work this afternoon, and what can I say: You know you need a break when a Miley Cyrus song almost makes you cry. :)