Sunday, June 8, 2008

The trick is to stop and think occasionally during normal times how good things are. ~ Andy Rooney

Thursday was one of those beautiful days that I wish I could bottle, label "What June of My 31st Year Was Like," and keep on a shelf forever.  

It was my day off from work and I awoke from a sweet dream about being with my grandparents at their home again. In it, just they and I were eating lunch together and talking about the rock wall they had behind their house and about how I liked tadpoles and wanted more frogs to visit my garden. 

I got out of bed and soon discovered a two-pound weight loss. 

I got "real" mail. 

Despite the 90+ degree heat, I got my walk in and spent some time sitting outside reading with a banana, bottle of ice water, and vending machine bag of gummy fruit on the bench beside me while waiting for Mike to get off work. He joined me before I finished the last 20 or so pages, so we claimed our spot under a tree and read our books there before heading home. 

The tomatoes and cucumbers have already grown enough to make their containers look green and full, the Petunias are sprawling out of their pots, the Morning Glories are showing their first heart-shaped leaves, and the strawberry seedlings are now about an inch tall. 

And then, best of all, while the chicken and pasta for supper were cooking, I checked my email and found a message with the subject line "interview at [your dream job.]" I had a happy little crying jag over that, with Mr. Mike all the while hugging me and repeating, "Just do your best" and his stock phrase "You'll be fine," and then I called my parents to tell them the news.  I went to bed late Thursday night after sending a bunch of ecstatic emails to friends and family, visions of Life with Dream Job dancing through my head.

I imagine that someday when Mr. Mike and I are old, these days of our first "official" year together--we were friends for nine years before becoming a couple--will be remembered as some of our sweetest: We are grateful for all we have, but we dream of so much more and seem to alternate daily between being The One Giving the Pep Talk and The One in Need of a Shoulder. There is a bit of dialog from Guess Who's Coming to Dinner that I've always loved, and it's come to mind again since Thursday:  

"You know, for us it's all been great, but do you know what was the best time of all? It was in the beginning when everything was a struggle and you were working too hard and sometimes frightened. And there were times when I felt that I really knew that I was a help to you. That was the very best time of all for me." 

 Life will go on and still be wonderful, no matter the outcome of next week's interview, and this in-between time with its wait and wonder is itself worth bottling.