Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sick Day(s) with Stuffed

'Hoping this miserable cold does not turn into the full-blown respiratory infection I had in August, I have spent the past few days in bed trying to rest as much as possible. Stuffed remains by my side, only stirring when jostled awake when I get up to get another orange or more tea. Sweet little cat.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fast away the old year passes

In early December, my friend Madai shared a photo of a dear little "Deck the Halls" sign tucked in with her Christmas decorations, and it just spoke to me. The font, the size, the simplicity, the weathered black and sepia, the frame, the message: I just purely loved this tiny thing. Imagine my surprise last week when a care package from Madai arrived and after gently undoing a small sheet of pale blue polka dotted tissue paper, I found "my" sign inside! I hadn't expected that, and while it was part of an entire box full of thoughtful and beautifully-wrapped goodies, the little sign and its accompanying note were what touched me the most and made me cry. Thank you again, sweet Madai! Stuffed soon abandoned it for his food dish, but I myself will treasure it--and you--always.

I look forward to 2011, but I just don't feel ready for it. I don't feel done with 2010 yet. I just packed away the Christmas decorations Monday.  And 2010 was a pretty neat year: I redid our bathroom in red polka dots.   We survived the blizzard in February, although our ceiling leaked for a good week as the snow melted.   I continued to volunteer at the two places I started at in 2009.   I redid our kitchen in a vintage-ey green.   I shoved my shyness aside and forced myself to attend a volunteering-related banquet.   I ran my first half-marathon and my third and fourth 5K races.   I got to spend my 33rd birthday with family. I got a job at one of my dream-job places.   I finally got to see Tom Petty in concert.   My nephew started kindergarten.I made some new friends online.   My cousin Mark and I started keeping in touch with letters and postcards.   I entered Stuffed's picture in a photo contest, and he won.   I only missed three days of work while sick with the Croup/respiratory infection.   I received a couple great fortune cookie messages.   I finally got around to making the hand/paw-print painting with Mike and Stuffed.  I made it home for Thanksgiving and Christmas--this one last time for each holiday as "just" my parents' daughter and not as someone's wife too.    I had a fun phone conversation with my aunt Heidi Christmas afternoon.    I decided to watch more movies in 2010, and I did, and my favorites were Little Miss Sunshine, Garden State, Before Sunset, Lost in Translation, and Love, Actually.    I liked I'll Never Be French by Mark Greenside and Anne Frank Remembered by Miep Gies more than anything else I read last year.   I loved a few songs Mike introduced me to whose names are escaping me right now.   (Something by the Gorillaz was one.)   I cooked cream of artichoke soup, "lasagna soup," and a spinach-lentil soup for the first time.   I made maple cookies for the first time.   I began feeding the birds in our apartment's backyard.   I started making the trip downtown to share Mike's lunch-hour with him the days I have to work nights, so that we'll have that much more time to connect.   I played cards with my dad for the first time.  Goodbye and thank you, 2010, a month late.