Monday, July 12, 2010

Blue Flowers

So many yards around here have beautiful blue Hydrangeas in bloom right now. The flowers enchant me. The blue is just so striking, and anytime I see blue flowers I'm reminded of the final scene in 1994's version of Little Women, one of my favorite movies. Upon hearing that Professor Bhaer has stopped by the family home, Jo tears out of the house to run after him. Those final few minutes of the film are some of the sweetest in it, but the blue flowers all around the house and gate are equally beautiful.
Maybe because it has been so hot and humid here lately, that lush green and blue landscape looks especially inviting today. While trying to create some order in our impossibly cluttered little studio apartment this afternoon, I'll escape there in my mind's eye. 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One Fine Day

Today was my last day at my now-"old" job. At the end of my now-former workplace's daily staff meeting, the manager asked everyone, "Okay, anything else?" And a few people mentioned that it was my last day. The manager replied, "It is Val's last day. Great job, Val. Thank you for everything." And suddenly, everyone was clapping! Applauding me! It was such a sweet moment and so unexpected. I worked there two and a half years and saw so many people come and go but don't remember anyone else getting that simple recognition their last day on the job. As I told my managers when I stopped by their office suite to say goodbye a little while later, the applause was just the sweetest note to end on, and it meant so much to me. I choked up while saying as much, and then choked up again a few minutes later when I punched out for the very last time.

 And as I walked home, I sent Mr. Mike a text message letting him know I was done ("Done-done!"), and he, who had taken today as a vacation day so that we could go out and celebrate this milestone, wrote back "Yay!" and then surprised me by meeting me along my walk home. We took a picture together and went to lunch, and it was a wonderful meal and a great time.
Just knowing that this stage of my life is over and that I'm moving on finally. . . !   Thank You, thank You, thank You.