Saturday, April 29, 2017

After the Rain

'A little over nine miles walked today, beginning at 6:15 this morning after a night of rain. 
I continue to find such sweet graffiti. . .love and kindness all the way. 
The first of four found hearts today--
--was soon followed by the second. 
It started raining at the 6.5-mile-mark this morning, so I went back out for another two and a half miles this evening.  And found more sweet graffiti. 
My walk ended as it began, with the streetlights on and the moon out--
--and with more hearts gracing my path. 
A beautiful walk. 


La Table De Nana said...

It's all there for u:)

BLD in MT said...

That did, indeed, look like a lovely walk. Isn't it remarkable all the little beauties to be found if one is actually looking! (Also, you reminded me of a day hiking in Yellowstone where I kept finding faces in various things--the knots in a blank of boardwalk, the shape and features of a hot spring, etc.)

Val said...

Thank you, Monique and Beth. The found faces are always a hoot, Beth. :) One does have to be paying attention to see what's right in front. . .yes.