Tuesday, July 5, 2016

June Ends and July Begins

Disgustingly hot and humid days have set in, and I grouse about them before and after each run and walk, but they've been so beautiful too.  A neighbor's Hollyhocks are blooming, all in shades of pink and white, and I dodge the bumblebees zipping around them as I return to the apartment every day.  One blissful 72° afternoon found me in the kitchen baking pumpkin-dark chocolate chip-chia seed muffins after catching a few minutes of nutritionist Joy Bauer's program on PBS that reminded me to eat more pumpkin, but other than the muffins and Saturday's made-late-at-night pie, it's been a no-bake summer so far.  

It's becoming a no-sit-still summer too, between the walks and the runs.  I'm plodding on with my return to the "Couch to 5K" learn-to-run plan and began Week 3 (of 9) this afternoon:  I can now comfortably run three minutes straight.  :)  By the end of next week, I'll have completed Week 4, which means. . .five minutes straight, and Week 5 ends with a 2-mile (or twenty-minute) run.  Progress, then!  I stopped mid-Week 5 in 2010, so the most I learned to run without stopping was eight minutes.  Even during the five-or-so 5k races and two half marathons I finished years ago, I couldn't run longer than eight minutes without stopping to walk before running again, so my being determined to do this thing properly this time, and to take my time with it, and to honor the learning process and the races and myself in this way has been a huge shift in perspective.  I like that it's hard.  I like that there's an ongoing learning involved in this.  I like that it makes me appreciate my body and good health all the more.  I like that it doesn't really come naturally to me but that there's something about it that has brought me back to it time after time since high school.  Running has always appealed to me so much, but I've never stuck with it.  The day I completed that first eight-minute run of Week 5 in 2010, I sent my parents a letter that mentioned it.  "Eight minutes straight!  I'm finally a runner!"  But then I didn't finish the last four weeks of the program.  Who knows.  It is one of the "Val, Val, Val" things that bothers me most, my slacking-off and not pushing myself with this, and I'm determined to become disciplined--or maybe, now, to remain disciplined--about this.  The challenge is good for me in so many ways, and dragging myself out into the humidity every other day for these runs is making this summer both so hard and so rich.  


La Table De Nana said...

I am quite smitten w/ the bird on the wire..:)/Home pic.
And you of course..
bon courage..stinkin'hot here too..but SUNNY and sun is so nice..great summer.

9peasMom said...

I so loved seeing your comment on my last post! I'm inspired that you are back at the 5k program, I'm a walker these days. I find that I don't like running anymore and I really want to like it but cannot make myself. I hope that I will continue to walk though, I need it for sure!
Your photos are so lovely!

Val said...

Thank you both.

I liked catching the bird on the wire too, Monique. It stayed there awhile--'Such a treat. :)

Hi, Kathy! I know. . . .The not liking it/finding it hard is what's appealing to me this time around with the running, for whatever reason. The challenge is appealing. There's nothing like a good walk, though, yes. And thank you. :)