Monday, June 22, 2015

Above the Stage at the Rolling Stones Concert

If you do an internet search, you'll find better pictures and even a video that all show both rainbows' full arcs, but this was Mike's quick shot Saturday night.  We had been sure all day and even while we walked into the stadium that evening that the show would be cancelled due to the stormy weather, but no:  Instead--this and--an incredible performance.  I was disappointed not to hear "Beast of Burden," one of my favorite songs of theirs, even though I'd read the set list online before the show and knew not to expect it, but that's a quibble.   The Stones are Mike's favorite band after the Doors, so I'm tickled that the weather held for a few hours and he finally got to see them. 


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

How cool is that!

My dear husband loved the Stones too. He was able to see them in 1969 when he was stationed in CA (US Navy) and they performed there at some stadium. He got his tickets and had to take a bus from the base to the stadium which was quite a drive away.

Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

Val said...

What a fun memory for him, and now for you, Lorraine. And I didn't know (or remember) that your husband had been stationed in California too. So many great memories for you two.