Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Making of Emmet Otter: Part II

He's finished.  :)  And just in time since Christmas with my family will be early this next week.  I go home to my parents' house Monday afternoon, and I haven't decided whether to give him to Mom and Dad when I get home that evening or wait until the official gift exchange.  I am betting they will receive Emmet early. 
I finished planning his outfit yesterday afternoon.
A quick jaunt to Goodwill led me to two hats and a tiny pair of boots.  The navy blue hat became Emmet's coat, the brown hat became his pants and boot laces, and all I ended up using of the ready-made boots was the black sole. 
The stuffed animal I was re-purposing for its fur and stuffing was trimmed into an Emmet-size body, using my drawing as a rough guide.
Next time, I will know to attach and position the arms differently so they don't just stick out at the sides.  Live and learn. 
I didn't have enough blue material to make a proper coat--or to make a coat properly, I should say--so I just sewed and hot-glued it piecemeal to Emmet's body until he was covered in a little blue coat from all sides.  The blue hat's brim ended up making the perfect collar for a coat, which tickled me. 
I worked on Emmet a couple hours this morning until his coat was done, head was attached to body, red scarf/chin-strap (formerly my gloves) was lengthened and tied in front, pants and boots were made, and Emmet's traditional "Christmas branch" was secured to his left paw.  His tiny tree/branch seemed more festive to me than the washtub I'd been planning to construct out of foil-covered-stuffing.  Emmet's rudimentary little tree stand (once a wooden clothespin) originally matched his fur, so I colored it with a brown permanent marker to make it stand out more against his paw. 
 Below is Emmet as he looked when I stopped working on him this morning. 
And below is dear Emmet this afternoon after I painted specks of white onto his eyes to help bring him to life. The glint in his eyes makes such a difference. 
For only coming up with this whole idea few days ago, I'm delighted by how he turned out. 
Like my mom, I don't really enjoy sewing, but I find myself doing quite a bit of it.  Mike rolled his eyes as I set up Emmet's photo-shoot this evening, but for someone who doesn't love! love! LOVE! sewing, I had to document the process and the final product, of course. 
I added front pockets to Emmet's coat and soles to the bottoms of his boots. 
I'd intended to make little brown work boots for him, and I tried and tried, but my attempts didn't work, and I was soon out of shoe-looking material, so instead, Emmet appears to be standing almost en pointe in shoes made out of a rather ratty old catnip mouse of Stuffed's.  Ah, well.  My parents will understand.  :)
I painted a tiny tag and sewed it to the side of Emmet's coat.
That I worked in even that small bit of red gingham will thrill my mom.  Emmet looked "real" and complete to me once the tag was attached. 
And now Emmet can be packed away in tissue paper for the trip home to his new owners.  
And even more than usual, I will be with my family in spirit during their Christmas Eve Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas-watching.  


Lisa said...

How CUTE, Val! Such a good job.(Dolly just came along - she sends her greetings.)

Val said...

Thank you, Lisa! And hello, sweet Dolly. ♥

Anonymous said...

That is just so sweet! Your folks will love it!

Have a wonderful time with them for your celebration!


Marie Rayner said...

I did not have to wait long did I? I hope that you have a lovely celebration with your family. I am sure they will adore Emmet and not the least because he came from your own fair and loving hands. xxoo

La Table De Nana said...

He must have loved his photo shoot and all the love you gave him while making him..Oh I would give him right away:)
Why does it feel weird when we set up a shoot and someone is watching?
That's how we play.
It is having fun again like a kid.:)

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Oh dear Val ~ You did a wonderful job creating him. The whites to his eyes brought him happily to life. Your folks are going to love him and be deeply touched by this creation of yours. Wonderful details!

Have a wonderful Christmas celebration with them.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

Balisha said...

Just look how he turned out! See what a creative person can do with bits and pieces and little scraps of material. He will be loved, I'm sure. Have a wonderful celebration.

Val said...

Thank you all! ♥

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Val, he's AAAdorable! You're so very clever!
Merry Christmas to you and Mike.

Val said...

Thank you, Sandra. :) ♥