Friday, March 3, 2017

An Old Cat and a New Robe

'How we're spelling comfort here today. 


racheld said...

Our c-o-m-f-o-r-t today is a pot of simmering chicken and Amish noodles, which Caro just pronounced, "You're NEVER going to want to buy any other noodles, ever!"

A little cool bowl of green pea salad, a dab of Cranberry, and a Murdoch Mysteries on Netflix. And I'm wearing my Beloved Pants (a pair of pale blue flannels) and one of those neat head-wraps around my wet hair---I gave every lady in the family one in her Christmas Stocking. What rip-roaring party folk we are!

And what a lovely print on the robe! You know me and PINK, and that's really pretty.

Stay warm and well, faraway friend!


Lisa said...

Such a pretty robe! And such a dear cat. :) We just had a squall here, but not a bad one.

Blondie's Journal said...

Sounds good to me!~

Always love to see your posts come up on my feed, Val!


La Table De Nana said...

A new robe is always worth a million bucks to me..

I's not often..Some I have are worn to the's 0 F right now..I hav e a robe..socks..slippers and flannel pjs.:)

The Favorite Things Guy said...

How sweet! Hope you're doing awesome.

Val said...

Thank you all. We get through winter however we can, yes. :) I love hearing about the pea salad (I think I have a post about pea salad here somewhere, Rachel), :) snow squalls, and flannels. ♥

Jason! 'So good to see you!

Val said...

P.S.) Rachel, I found the robe in a Carol Wright Gifts catalog, of all places. :) It's here:

Barb Cowles said...

A purrrrfect way to spend the day. Lucky you and Lucky Stuffed.

Val said...

Indeed, Barb. ♥