Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Late Summer 2016

Thank you for the good wishes.  My headache has been coming-and-going-but-mostly-present for the past two weeks.  'Not enough sleep, too much heat and humidity, two three-hour bus trips home-and-back in eleven days. . . .I'm just all sorts of out-of-whack lately.  We're supposed to hit 88° again today, and the ten-day forecast is more of the same, so this is just Life This Summer.  I hate to wish any of my days away, but if there were more flowers in bloom in the spring or if it stayed light out longer in the evenings in the fall, I think I could happily skip this season entirely anymore.  In a sign of autumn's approach, Mom proudly served us all a cobbler made with apples from her and Dad's yard last week, and I took each spoonful of it as sacrament that more-soothing days are on the way. 


La Table De Nana said...

Heat is such a deterrent to outdoor runs!
Listen..Jacques bought a new indoor bike..because he bikes outdoors..he found our litte one was not useful..we gave it to our daughter..and this big new thing came in..so..I went on it..5 days..the second day..I am looking and I have only done 5 minutes..20 minutes..no resistance..and it feels like hours..and already at 5 minutes I am bored..and the TV is on..how can that be?I am never bored..only on exercise machines:)
I am so not good at an exercise routine:(
He has been treadmilling religiously for at least 20 yrs..
I admire what you have accomplished..I truly do.

Val said...

Yes, Monique. . . .Everyone finds their own way, I guess. :) You stay busy in so many other ways, it likely all balances out. :)

Thank you. ♥

(I really want to delete the entire post, as it sounds so whiny, but as it included a thank you to you guys, I'll leave up at least some of it. 'Trying to stay in a positive head-space here.) :)