Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Three Near-Captures This June

I missed this year's opportunity to see some of my beloved roses in-bloom by about two days:  This is how Louise Odier looked as I was leaving my parents' home--where what remains of my dear old garden is, in a corner of their yard protected on one side by a wall of Dad's shed and on another by a wall of the deck--two weeks ago.  Below is a shot of her in-bloom two Junes ago--
--and every time I look at it, I wonder why I didn't take at least a dozen more photos of it during this little photo-shoot.  This one just makes me so happy, and it is so purely beautiful, that sometimes I look for other peoples' pictures of this rose just to satisfy that need to see something pretty.  Look at some of these photos!  ♫  Ooh, Heaven is a place on earth. . . .  ♪  I could weep at the beauty.  
I missed my white Iceberg rose too and confess to having been tempted to peel down its [sepals, it seems, if I have learned the new word correctly] in order to see more of the precious petals before leaving.  Last June's visit was timed to see at least one Iceberg open--
 --and it did my soul good.  Roses always do my soul good.  :)  And now I am remembering--and sounding like--Mary Ellen Walton proclaiming in The Homecoming, "I always feel better after I hug a cow."  :)  But. . .truly.  ♥  I know you know. 
Last night's Strawberry Moon was another I-was-kind-of-there-but-kind-of-missed-it this June.  I saw the (full) moon, and as you can see in this stunning capture from the bathroom window, NASA won't be clamoring to study my photo of it anytime soon.  :)


Central London Storage Lady said...

Some wonderful shots here, thanks for sharing them with us!

La Table De Nana said...

I have Iceberg too..a proven winner:)

racheld said...

What lovely gifts in life roses are!! We're just so fortunate to be witnesses to such glory.

There are usually a few here in the house---Chris arrived for our first date bearing a single red one, I carried one at our wedding, and for yea, these thirty-years-next-month, he's come home often with one or some or a dozen. And the colour du jour of late is PINK, to go with my new pink kitchen.

I dashed away to look for some Bill Bryson books yesterday, but Happy Day to your dear Dad---ours was wonderful, as well. We all took Chris out to one of those WING places, and had the most marvelous time.

And Happy Strawberry Moon to YOU, as well!


Val said...

Thank you all. ♥

Yes, Monique, Iceberg has been a keeper. I like the scent too--almost apple-ey.

How nice to read all this, Rachel. 'Glad you guys had a happy Father's Day. ♥