Tuesday, May 10, 2016

And My Birthday Cake (Lilac Petals Cupcake)

My birthday fell the day before Mother's Day this year, making my weekend home even sweeter for both me and Mom.  Some years, we mail each other our cards and goodies, and other years, we just wait until we see each other to exchange gifts.  This time around, Mom made me my usual cheesecake--and the only cheesecake I've ever liked (with a chilled-not-baked filling of lemon gelatin, cream cheese, sugar, evaporated milk, and vanilla)--for Saturday night, and we all had leftovers of that and Mom's berries-and-flowers Mother's Day cake on Sunday, so by yesterday, a single cupcake back here at the apartment seemed like more than enough.  I froze a few Lilac petals I'd pulled from one of Mom and Dad's shrubs before leaving yesterday morning and they were still a pretty shade of lilac when thawed and sprinkled over the cupcake last night, but the camera refused to capture the color.  In any case, this was my tiny 39th birthday cake, a simple end to a sweet weekend and a pretty start to the last year of my thirties.  

A woman I spent some time talking with in my hometown bus station yesterday morning asked me if I was a student, and I was momentarily flustered by the question, answering clumsily, "Oh no, I'm out of school--Done with school.  I'm older.  I'll be 40 next year"--because I'm smooth like this in conversation, clearly (see:  Goals, cross-referenced with Val, Self-Improvement Needs of)  :)--and she exclaimed, "Forty!?  I was thinking maybe 24 if you were out of school!  Well!  Good for you!"  Noooo, thank youuuuuuuuu!  We talked some more, and it was part of an otherwise already-lovely kick-off to the year ahead.  Lisa and Cheryl, if I looked 39 or 40 or 45 to you in-person last month, let me have a week before you burst my bubble.  ;)

Last year's birthday wishes and goals included finishing a first draft of the 80s memoir I've been working on, and while I've written a lot, I learned early-on this past year that producing a rough draft by this May wasn't a realistic goal, so the work on that continues.  I continue to write, though, and I'm still walking my way back into running shape, dreaming of spending the morning of my 40th birthday finishing my first full marathon.  I have a lot of (gained, lost, and re-gained) weight to (re-)lose before then, and many miles to walk and then run before that day, but it remains the goal.  Here's to the year ahead.  


La Table De Nana said...

Happy Belated Birthday..you're still just a youngun:)
You are right smack in my daughters age group..one will be 41 the other 40:)
It's a beautiful time in your life..Carpe Diem .

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Happy Birthday dear Val ~ I agree, you are a youngun.

Glad you had such a great time with your folks this past weekend.

Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

Val said...

Thank you, Monique and Lorraine. :)

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, Val! I need to write down these dates, for Pete's sake. :( A lilac-petaled cupcake - my mouth is watering.

racheld said...

I SWEAR, Girly Girl!! I almost went ahead with a HAPPY BIRTHDAY yesterday when I was doing all the reading here---because I'd been astounded when you said "I celebrated my 38th birthday in May," or some such little offhand reference. For some reason, I've always figured you for just-barely in Grad School, and I cannot tell why---simple things you've said, and certainly your just-past-teens persona and self, with that gamin smile and all your shy, youthful appearance. You seem to live in a GREEN atmosphere, of growth and youthful energy and lively LIFE a-bursting with fervor and interest, and look so like a wee garden sprite full of happy spirits and glee.

Wow. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Many, Many decades more, with permission to Jack Benny for the next twenty years or so. (As we say here, when we make a reference to movie or book or TV trivia---"NICKEL," which means I'll give you a nickel if you can name the reference).



racheld said...


Would it be possible for me to quote you? The January 2013 post about your blog-anniversary says almost everything I enjoy about the internet, and other people's lives and beloved things and activities and plans---so eloquently and sweetly in ways I could never attempt to convey. It's absolutely pure and perfect, and I'd like to use the entire long paragraph sometime---with attribution and link (and a picture, if you'd please).

My e-mails in my profile, and I'll check back here, as well.


Val said...

Thank you all. I've been checking in online in between catching up on laundry and getting ready for work. :)

Rachel, yes, of course. I emailed you a week or so ago too, so you may already have an email from me waiting for you there. :) I had to look up the Jack Benny bit, but yes, my mom's been doing it for years, it turns out, only she still says..."29." As she notes, it's harder to pull off "29" when your kids are in their 30s and 40s. :) Thank you for the kind words. ♥

Marie Rayner said...

Happy Birthday Val! I wish I was your age! haha My mom was always 29 and holding! Now she is 84 and its a bit more difficult to pull it off! Love and hugs! xoxo

Val said...

Thank you, Marie. :)

TiffanyJane said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY VAL! Hope it was Wonderful! And the cupcake {and description} look/sounds de~lish :) And what a compliment about your age, 24 looks good on you! :)
Have a great weekend!

Val said...

Thank you, Tiff. :) Happy weekend to you too. ♥