Sunday, October 18, 2015

October Color

A ten-minute walk around the block tonight to take a few pictures.  Snow flurries swirled and stuck to my chest this morning as I walked, but tonight, post-flurries and then rain, it's cold but calm. 
The neighbors' gardens still show spots of color, although not many houses have pumpkins on their porches yet. 
This may be the fall I finally carve a cat jack o-lantern for our front stoop.  I have yet to live anywhere that gets trick-or-treaters--none of the houses I grew up in ever got more than a few, nor have any of my apartments--so the decorate-your-home-and-stock-up-on-candy parts of this month never really factor in when I think of October to-dos.  Maybe a big cat pumpkin for out front this year, though, just to add a bit of sweetness to the neighborhood. 
Ah, fall!  May Heaven turn out to be an eternal autumn.  I love it so. 
I also love the shade of green these neighbors have painted their garage door.  It actually looks a lot like our bathroom walls now.  
So much gorgeous, vibrant color.  Love, love, love. 


Lisa said...

I'm glad your headache is gone away and you can walk outside. (Did I ever say that I get such a kick when I come here and seeing that kid in the photo waving, and saying "Hi. I'm Val". Awfully cute idea and I get a charge out of it every time.)

Val said...

Ha! Yes, my two-year-old self. :) I love that picture, it's so goofy.

The headache keeps coming and going this weekend, but I feel better than I did, for sure. 'Hope you do too.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Hope your headache goes away for good.

Great photos of fall colors in your area.

Happy Fall dear Val ~ Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

Nellie said...

So, so pretty, Val! Loving this season here in the south! xo

Jenny Pesavento said...

hi val, what a sweet post, i can almost smell that gorgeous rose! you've had snow....already? wow. i noticed Pikes Peak got a dusting today, but nothing for us yet. it is getting chilly-love our heated blanket! thanks for sharing, your posts are like a breath of fresh air ;) jenny

Val said...

Thank you, Lorraine, Nelly, and Jenny. :) Just snowflakes so far, Jenny, but my parents got actual snow on the ground this weekend, yes. It's a-comin! :)