Friday, May 30, 2014

Favorite Birthday Present

My favorite birthday present this year was one I'd mentioned to my mom when she asked for gift ideas earlier this spring--and then about which I'd promptly forgotten, apparently, because I was so tickled to open a little box and find this darling 3"-tall figurine inside.  It is one of the Willow Tree-brand sculptures by artist Susan Lordi.  
Once I got it home, I repainted it to look more like me and Stuffed, of course. ♥ 
I don't have many knick knacks, but the few I do have are keepers, and the mantel holds most of them.  The miniature Stuffed to the right of this new figure was also from--and painted by--Mom this year.  The one to the left of the new figure is a thrift shop salt shaker I repainted years ago.  
The new figurine is especially poignant this birthday because Stuffed, in the past few months, suddenly seems older.  Mike and I aren't sure of Stuffed's exact age:  He belonged to the friend of a friend before becoming Mike's former roommate's around 2002 and then later becoming Mike's in 2007 when the roommate moved into a new apartment that didn't allow pets--but he was already an adult cat when Mike first saw him twelve years ago.  Stuffed rarely jumps up onto his window perch anymore.  Instead he stands beside the bathroom radiator that used to serve as his springboard and meows until one of us comes to lift him up.  He sleeps more lately, although I never would have guessed that I'd be able to tell the difference and Mike doesn't notice this at all.  It is often an awkward claws-out-for-traction struggle for him to jump up on to the bed these days.  He seems as happy as ever and still plays with his toys and rolls around with his catnip, but I've sensed a difference these past few months, and my cuddles with this shy little soul have felt bittersweet lately.  
(His face!  )
What else is there to say except I love him and love this dear little sculpture, beautiful gifts both. 


Lisa said...

Oh, dear - it's a lovely sculpture, Val, and Stuffed is a lovely kitty. I'm feeling sad at his aging. I often look at Dolly and wonder about her later years - which is stupid and morbid, but I love her so.
Well, Stuffed has a wonderful home with you two, for sure.

Val said...

I know, Lisa--It's hard not to think about it. And Dolly's another sweet one, for sure. ♥ Stuffed's fur has also been more matted lately--horribly matted--and some of the things I read suggested that when cats are older, it is harder for them to bend to reach all the spots they would usually groom, so the fur gets tangled. I don't know if that's what's causing his matting lately, but it started around the same time as these other issues/changes, so I wouldn't be surprised. He doesn't seem even slightly uncomfortable or unhealthy, though--just a bit slower and less adventurous.

Blessed Serendipity said...

I really love that you've painted the figurine to match you and your beloved kitty Stuffed. He is a very handsome kitty too. It is hard watching our pets become older, and things get a little harder for them. I am sure you love him very much.

xo Danielle

Val said...

Thank you, Danielle. ♥

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Stuffed is beautiful and a fortunate cat, Val. I love my animals and, all around the house, there are things that make their lives easier. The cats have their own dining spots and both spots have stools to help them climb up. Come to think of it, the dogs have a broad stool to let them on the bed at night. Around here, it's all about the animals -LOL-.l

Val said...

Exactly, Sandra. And with as many animals as you have there, it probably is all about the animals! As long as they make at least a little room in bed for you, it's all good, though, yes? :)