Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas is a time of Do You Remember? Of family jokes. Of family rituals. Sometimes a little sadness--but always love. ~ Pam Brown

A couple of the funniest Christmastime moments this week were jokes between me and my younger brother.  He was born when I was five, so you can imagine how goofy and fun Christmas was for us as kids.  One of the things we laughed at most this time of year when we were younger was the scene from the "Ralphie and the BB gun" (A Christmas Story) movie in which Ralphie finally has his big moment with Santa Claus and Santa turns out to be the wild-eyed super-scary man pictured above.  :)  That screenshot, and the movie dialogue below, depict this scene that made us howl with laughter growing up.  When I woke up Christmas morning, TBS's all-day movie marathon of the movie was the first holiday-related program I found on TV, and guess which scene was up?  I took a picture and sent it to Brian, who later responded. . . .
A couple days before, he reminded me of "our line" below.  We thought we were so clever when we thought of this as kids, and I'm sure we drove our parents and older brother crazy with it.  On December 23rd:  "Tomorrow we can say 'Tomorrow is Christmas!'"  Yessssssss--except we would start this the week before as kids.  "Tomorrow we can say, 'Tomorrow we can say, tomorrow we can say, tomorrow we can say, TOMORROW is Christmas!"  Ay!  :)
The shared silliness is year-round, of course, but these were two of my favorite moments this week.  


Lesa said...

We love that movie and this year we introduced some English friends to the film. They howled! And bought several copies for family/friends when they got home. One of the questions I was asked was, "Would a store Santa really be so mean?" LOL!

Balisha said...

Watched it with my 77 yr old husband...first time he'd seen it.We enjoyed seeing some of the familiar things from our own, kitchen bric a brack, clothing. I have seen it many was fun to see his reaction this late in life.The lamp and the mom's reaction to it...was one of my favorite scenes.

Nellie said...

Family memories! That's what makes the holidays so special!

Val said...

Lesa, that's so funny. How fun to pass along a movie that they ended up connecting with so much. :) I always laugh at the fact that at the end of the store-Santa scene, after the Santa is SO mean to Ralphie and his brother, you can hear him saying quite gently/nicely to the girl who was in line after them, "Bye-bye, Chris! Down you go!" :)

Balisha, how fun! Now you and your husband can watch it together every year. :) My dad feels that way about the movie too. The fact that he remembers so many of the things in it from his childhood is what really makes it special to him.

Nellie: Yes! ♥ :)