Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Face of Sweetness and Trust

After a few days of not sleeping well, I'm spending today catching up on cleaning and errand-running now that I've gotten some sleep and am feeling better.  A quick Kit Kat break, though, since Stuffed's too sweet to keep to myself.  The photo above is one of my all-time favorite ones of him.  Mike's parents' cat died two weeks ago, and there were more than a few tears here when we heard that and then looked down at this dear little face before us.  Live forever, Stuffed!   

And especially for Lisa, who asked for Stuffed's latest home movie, here's a minute-long one Mike made one night last week while I was at work.  :)
And with dish-washing and lasagna-making still not crossed-off on the List of Things to Do, that's all she wrote. 


Kim said...

my goodness he is such a beautiful cat!

Val said...

Thank you, Kim. He really is. He has such a different face. :)

Lisa said...

Thank you, Val!! My cats can't do that!
He seemed so relaxed while "standing" - yawning all the while. :D

What a pretty boy. He seems so laid back - does he ever get wild and scamper about?

Thank you - oh, such a cutie! And thank your husband.

Val said...

Our pleasure, Lisa. We were happy to catch it on video finally. Stuffed stands up all the time and can stay up for quite awhile, and it took us this long to get even a short video of it. :)

And yes, he has his wild and scampering moments--this morning around 3 a.m., for example. :)

Amy said...

I have way too much dish watching on my schedule today. I'm trying to avoid it for as long as I can.

Val said...

Amy, I'm like that with laundry, which is so stupid since I always pre-sort it and it really takes no time at all. :)

Amy said...

...came back today to read the comments and noticed my own comment. dish watching? yes, that would be accurate. LOL

and oddly enough, I love to do laundry. It's the putting away part that I hate...and so all the folded clean clothes sit on the coffee table until I can't stand it anymore.... :-D

asmplelife said...

Stuffed looks so snuggable. What a gorgeous cat! And I'm sorry to hear about your in-laws cat. They must be so sad.

Val said...

Amy, I haven't minded doing laundry except in our last two apartments. The one we lived in before this didn't have a laundry set-up and we don't have a car, so doing laundry required walking a mile to to the laundromat (and a mile back), which was such a time-suck. (Although once a neighbor saw Mike trudging down the street with his big duffle bag of laundry hoisted over his shoulder and asked him if he was running away from home. That still makes me laugh.) :) Now we have laundry in our building, but there's only one washer and one dryer total, so Laundry Day always involves umpteen trips up and down flights of stairs to see if the washer is available yet, then to see if clothes are done, then to wait for a dryer, then to nab the washer again for the next load before someone else does, ad nauseum. It's a step up from before, and I'm grateful for it, but laundry is still the one task I put off more than the others. I'll think of you and your coffee table when I catch up on laundry tomorrow. :)

Cheryl, yes, he is a beauty. Thank you about their cat. They say they're not going to get another one, but Mike thinks they probably will at some point.