Monday, August 1, 2011

She Moves in Mysterious Ways

This photo is from last week's U2 concert, a welcome break from all the stress of getting ready to move.   Noooo
photos were taken during Moving Day yesterday of a
sweetly-smiling-at-each-other Mike and Val.  :)
Mike and I finished moving things from our old apartment into our new one at exactly 11:00 last night. Mike's final words on the matter as we collapsed onto our mattress after midnight: "I hope we like it here. Because we're never moving again." This move's highlights included:

  • my giving myself a bruised and bloody lip by missing a step and falling while carrying a wing chair down our concrete front porch stairs and out to the rental truck by myself ("Little Miss In-Dee-PEN-Dent!" my dad would roll his eyes and mutter upon hearing this)--And this was how Moving Day began.
  • Mike's locking the rental truck's keys inside the truck around 9 p.m., resulting in my having to peel off socks and shoes and climb up into the already-loaded-to-overflowing bed of the truck out on the street in front of our old apartment and repeatedly hook a taped-up broom handle through the truck's back window to try to unlock the back passenger door with the sticky-from-electrical-tape end. After a bunch of attempts over the next hour or so, made while Mike swore and berated himself and called up increasingly desperate (and "helpful") queries like "Could you just TRY?" and "You really don't think you can DO it??" I did, indeed, "DO it," but I was then hit with an unexpected fear of heights, and it took me awhile to be convinced that the truck bed's back door would support me as I swung my legs over it to jump back down onto the ground.
  • And then, truly worst of all, were the final moments of the move as I sat in the backseat trying to calm a caged-in-his-pet-carrier Stuffed. He had clearly not enjoyed the first few minutes of the drive to the new apartment, batting at the metal cage with his floofy paws from time to time and meowing more than usual, but he had been fine overall, but the last minute or so of the trip, just as we pulled up in front of the new apartment, he started freaking out, biting at the metal bars, and he got his front paw stuck in the cage. He began crying--my Stuffed, crying--and the sound of it coupled with the belief that he'd just broken his paw right in front of me made me start crying, and meanwhile, Mike was trying to parallel-park along a still-busy-even-at-11-p.m. city street and shouting into the backseat for both of us to calm down. After he'd parked the beast of a truck close enough to the curb, Mike hopped out and told me to get out and step aside, and just as I slid down from the backseat, Stuffed started bashing his head against the cage, still making that horrific crying sound and with his little paw still stuck in the cage, and I really thought he was about to break loose from it and get past Mike out onto the street, where he'd surely be hit by traffic. Those were some of the most horrible moments I've ever had. Mike somehow got Stuffed's paw loose, and he told me to stay with the truck while he hurried to cross the street and carry him up to the new apartment. I was almost swaying, I was so nauseous and stressed by that point--Stuffed was scared, Stuffed didn't understand, Stuffed was hurt, Stuffed was crying, Stuffed could have died--and the entire time I stood beside the truck in the streetlight waiting for Mike to come back out so we could carry the last few things up together, I cried and shook. A few people walked past on the sidewalk as I stood there trying to take deep breaths and stop crying, but it had just been too long of a day after too stressful of a month, and I couldn't settle down. "Is he okay?" I kept calling out to Mike through my tears when he finally reappeared across the street from me outside our new apartment. "He's okay?" And even thirty minutes later, when Stuffed was prowling around the apartment sniffing at our new surroundings, perfectly safe and injury-free, and Mike and I were momentarily camped out on the living room floor with bottles of Gatorade and iced tea, I was still choking back little sobs. What a horrible way to end the day.
On the bright side, and oh my yes, there is one: We love ♥♥♥ the new apartment and are already so much happier here than in our old one.  Today was our first full day here, and although life is never all rainbows and smiling unicorns anywhere, this place already feels like home and has such a good vibe. We have more than one room now, cried out the former Studio Apartment Dwellers! That alone is just such a thrill. A bedroom! A freezer that actually freezes things! (We can buy ice cream again!) More than two windows that open! A shower curtain rod that's built right into the wall and thus doesn't crash down onto our shoulders every time we pull the curtain back! A shower with good water pressure! A bathtub that fills quickly! A lot more floor-space--and more windowsills--for Stuffed! Enough room for a big Christmas tree! Storage space in the basement! An oven door I can open without having to ask Mike to help me move a shelf out of the way first! An oven with a light, Ladies and Gentlemen! :) There are all kinds of little things about this apartment that are not little at all to the three of us. We have survived Moving Day (marriage intact!) and are so grateful to be here. 


FlowerLady said...

Dear Val ~ Moving is always stressful and you both and Stuffed certainly had your share. I'm glad you are moved in and love it, and it will only get nicer the more you make it yours. Looking forward to seeing some pictures soon.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

Kathryn said...

Congratulations on the new place, it sounds perfect. I hope Stuffed loves all those windowsills!

Val said...

Thank you both, FlowerLady and Kathryn! I just finished hanging the main room's curtains, and even just getting that done has made the apartment so much cozier. :) I'm having fun.

Lisa said...

Oh, Val - what an ordeal! But it's over, and the joyfulness begins - sounds like a real home! And I hope Stuffed will forget his ordeal, too (I imagine all those nice views will make him happy.)

Val said...

Hello again, Lisa. :) You're right: It's over, and now the joy and fun begin. :)

Stuffed doesn't seem content or like himself here yet, but he's gotten a little more comfortable each day, it seems. The first night we were here, Mike called out to me at one point, "Try to find Stuffed. He's in this room." I looked everywhere and didn't see him--with so many boxes, it looked like a "Where's Waldo?" drawing in here--and finally after some hints from Mike, I did: He was way back on the bottom shelf of our TV cabinet. I didn't know whether to feel bad for him for being so disoriented and confused or just be happy that he'd found a safe little spot amidst all the chaos. It'll be both for awhile, I imagine.

Pictures soon of both the apartment and a hopefully-happier Kit Kat. :)

Natasha in Oz said...

I hate moving house so can really empathise. I sure do hope you guys love this new place and that you settle in quickly.

Hope you are feeling better now too!

Best wishes always,

Val said...

Thank you, Natasha. :)