Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Greens and Blues

A long walk this afternoon in my favorite spot in the city.  I would love to live in a little cabin inside these woods.  Stuffed would race out the door in the mornings to chase the chubby bumblebees.
Mike and I would spend our days hiking and reading and cooking.
We would plant strawberries and feast on homemade bread and jelly.
And watch the ducks glide along on our pond.
I would delight in sun tea, toads, and so much free time.
The air would smell of creek beds, soil, and wildflowers.
Every meal would be a picnic.
We would awake to birds' songs in the morning and always be able to see the stars at night.


FlowerLady said...

Sweet. Have a wonderful day today.


Lisa said...

What a nice post, Val! Those flowers are like little stars - everything is so perfect! Keep on dreaming.

Rev. Jim said...

Beautiful dream! In reading the Little House books of Laura Ingalls Wilder we find that it takes a lot of work to make living in a little cabin in the woods into a reality. Keep dreaming, but be ready to work hard if you want that dream to come true. :)