Friday, December 3, 2010

The December 3rd Story :)

A few years ago, pre-"dating days" with Mike, he and I emailed back and forth for a couple days on the subject of the worst things we'd done as kids. This is an excerpt from that email exchange. For me and my mom, it is just "The December 3rd Story." 

. . .Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, here's the best one--and I almost forgot. My mom still gets so upset about this, I can't even joke with her about it. I was a New Kids on the Block fan when I was 12, and they were coming to the city for concerts December 3rd and 4th, 1989. This friend I had at the time said we had tickets for the December 3rd show, then said she had seats held but needed them paid that night, and my dad--who is truly too trusting and good--paid for the tickets with his credit card. The girl then said we had somehow not gotten the tickets after all. (And of course, stupid 12-year-old Val was sobbing into her pillow throughout the whole saga. "Jordan!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!" I was so upset at one point, I was just sitting in my bedroom all forlorn, and Dad came in and said, "Better days will come." So dear. But it didn't make me feel any better. "What does Dad know about anything?!" I was 12, you know.)

Anyway, this girl called me before I left for school the morning of December 4th and told me to fake being sick during 3rd period and to go home "sick"--because she'd gotten the tickets and her parents were driving us to that night's concert. I knew my mom wouldn't go along with any of this if I just told her about it, so I went along with this girl's plan. And when the school nurse put me on the phone with my mom, my mom said, "Valley, you know I hate driving when the roads are this bad, and they are
REALLY bad out today, so if you're just upset about missing the concert today, I don't want to come get you just for that. Are you really sick?" And I lied--!!!--and said yes, and she came to get me, and while we were still sitting in the (ice-covered!) school parking lot, I told her the truth. It was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. I've never disappointed her as much, I'm sure. It was just a horrible moment.

And for whatever reason, she actually let me go to the concert when this girl's parents arrived to drive us to the city for it. (Gahhhh, my parents!
They're so dear.) So, I went to the concert, and to 12-year-old Val, it was totally worth it and awesome, and I got to scream "I love you!" to Jordan during the show--and I was so loud when I screamed it, he actually said into the microphone, "I love you too!" ('One of the best moments of my adolescence, I tell you!) My friend and I could have fainted, we were in hysterics over that.

But my mom still can't speak about this, she's still upset that I lied to her like that. I try to joke every now and then--
"Hey, Mom, it's December 3rd again! Do you remember..."--and she gets upset all over again. But I was never punished. (And the next morning while I was eating breakfast before school, Dad, although I'm sure he'd heard about nothing else from my infuriated mom the night before, simply said, "Well, how was it?") That was the worst thing I ever did, though. If that makes it better.  




She may have been mad, but coming out with the truth was always best. To think of the things we did as an adolescent! We saw things so different! Happy Holidays!

The Favorite Things Guy said...

I love your blog! Keep up the great work, Val!

Val said...

Thank you both--and Needlewings, nice to meet you. :) I hope you're both doing well. :)

katie jean said...

Val, Val, Val! Such a great story! I can see how the silence from your Dad must have been torture :) Oh the disapointment. I can feel the adolescent pain. Good thing we can all share a laugh about it now!
Happy Holidays!!

Val said...

Yesssss, katie jean: The adolescent pain! :) Happy holidays to you too. :)