Saturday, May 5, 2007

A Heap o' Livin'

I turn thirty on Monday. Never have I been so excited to kiss a decade goodbye! see a birthday. I just returned from my morning walk to find this note from my dad tacked on to the bottom of the note I'd left for him. . . . My birthday gift was two bags of manure. Dad initially didn't see the humor in it--What? You're a gardener! It's good for your flowers! What?!--but really, this is the best saying-goodbye-to-my-twenties gift he could have given me. I am still smiling. Here's to spreading it around for a bumper crop.


Kent said...

Lucky you! I have a difficult time convincing anyone to give me compost/manure/mulch, etc. I did come home to find a foyer full of (boxes of) pine needles two Christmases was bliss.

Wishing you a birthday full of cheer and loved ones,

dawn said...

happy birthday!
manure is the sweetest gift ever.
you are lucky to have such a dad.


Val said...

Thank you, Kent and Dawn. :) It's been a sweet day, and my family and I are celebrating together Wednesday night, too. And the manure is great, yes! :)

Rev. Jim said...

You may have heard this one:
It seems there were these psychologists who wanted to see the reaction from two boys to a challenge. One boy was a pessimist and the other an optimist. They put them both in a room full of horse manure. As they checked the reactions they found the pessimist just sitting, weeping, with no hope for his condition. They found the optimist laughing and throwing the manure over his head by the handfulls. The figured the boy had gone insane. When they asked him why he was so happy he said, "I just know there is a pony in here somewhere!"
Happy birthday & enjoy your pony!

Val said...

Thank you, Rev. Jim. :) I hadn't heard that one before, and I like it. :)